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Trick-or-treat: presents from Dharma, KP3P is a new hit

It seems that on the eve of Halloween, the cryptocurrency market was generous with gifts — the Dharma project offered to distribute UNI tokens among users, and the new Yearn Finance coin rallied by 3000%! We hope that you also managed to get more than just sweets on Halloween night. Well, if on the weekend you were too busy scaring the wits out of your neighbors and missed all the fun — you’re very welcome to read our cryptodigest.

The Dharma DeFi project proposed to distribute 5 million UNI tokens among users who interacted with the Uniswap exchange through proxy contracts in the period up to September 1, 2020.

By the end of the week, almost 27.5 million people took part in open voting on the platform, with 26 million participants backing up the proposal. However, in order to implement the initiative and distribute 5.05 million tokens among 12619 wallet addresses, a quorum of 40 million votes was required. Nonetheless, in September Dharma already gave tokens to Uniswap users — then during the airdrop 113 million UNI was distributed .

Meanwhile, the owner of the Yearn Finance protocol Andre Cronje launched a new KP3R token — the coin was listed to the Uniswap exchange on October 28 and became a real sensation among miners. The initial price of the token was $10,after six hours it rose to $150, then to $180, and then after a small pullback, it soared to $300!

Amid the hype immediately after the launch of the coin, Cronje, however, noted that he had no intention to spark speculative movements, despite the fact that such things happened before. Remarkably, none of his projects were overlooked, so some even compared him to the Ancient Greek King Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold.

By the way, the good old bitcoin also did not stand aside and rallied north by leaps and bounds, retaking the high of the end of June 2019 at $13,836 (at the time of writing, BTC/USD was trading in the green zone near $13,300). However, not all exchanges took this news with enthusiasm — due to the abnormal growth of transactions, the time for processing payments on many platforms increased significantly, and there were delays. While the well-known cryptoexchange Coinbase stopped working at all, which, of course, could not but trigger a wave of angry comments on Twitter.



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