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Why TTM Game is not just a game

If you still think that TO THE MOON Game is just useless entertainment to kill a few free minutes, you’ll be disappointed. Why this is NOT the case — read in our post.

To win races (after all, admit it, you are not here only to participate for fun), you must first analyze the market and correctly predict the dynamics of assets. This means that you need to study the charts in detail, and sometimes read about some events in the world that affect quotes in one way or another. And this, as you may have already guessed, is the very basics that will help you in trading if you decide to trade on a real exchange.

Moreover, there are three game modes available on our platform: races and tournaments on the cryptocurrency market, as well as tournaments on the Forex and stock markets. Choose the one that you like best and train! Believe us, even if at first you think that you absolutely do not understand anything about this, after a while you will understand the graphics and mechanics of the game as clean as any top player.

Don’t forget about the free tournaments, or freerolls available in the cryptocurrency mode — you don’t need to pay anything to enter, but you can win real cash prizes. This is a great opportunity to improve your skills before participating in paid tournaments.

What did you learn from playing on TO THE MOON Game platform? Share in comments!



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