Breaking new Frontiers with #Augmented Reality.

Hi, and welcome back to the series of AR/VR technology. On the last post, we experienced what the future will look like with the Virtual Reality, feel free to see it and give your opinions about the topic.

Here goes one more post, this time is about Augmented Reality, one of the coolest technology trends, lets see what to expect from that.


A few years ago, I heard something about a project Google was developing, called Google glass. I didn't understand very much what was the project about, but I knew it was something about a futuristic scientific innovations.

Time passed by, and I faced again with the topic, now with much power as google now is not alone, because that mysterious project is no longer so mysterious.

Many company are getting involved in, topics about the impact are being debated and advancement are being made. But what is it all about? This is about Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data(wikipedia)

When we talk about Augmented Reality, it means to see additional information in real time, generated by computer, called digital information, overlaying the real world, possibly interacting with those elements.

Something I came across during my research, was to try to understand the real difference about Virtual and Augmented Reality, and what I found was that: on Virtual Reality the user must be fully immersed on the simulated world or digital, all user sees is completely digital, instead, Augmented Reality has a different concept, it use the real world and overlay with digital information on real objects.

Why Augmented Reality?

As the major of technology invention, it began on U.S. Air Force’s Armstrong Labs in 1992. The purpose of creation was to display the information on the screen directly front to the pilot, to minimize the effort done by the them looking down to see the aircraft information commands.

Who is involved on this technology?

As the technology is growing in high rate, digital equipment are becoming more accessibly, cheaper and more powerful, some example are smartphone, tablets and laptops. Many companies are getting involved on Augmented Reality technology, some of the top giants are: Google with Google glass, Microsoft Hololens and Nitendo.

How is this technology going to change our life?

Our lives are already being affected by this technology, and with more stuff improving, many area going to be affected. Now let’s look at some of this areas:


I just started with this area because we already know how critical are. I think this is one of the big area that Argument Reality will have a huge impact . Students can experience how is to be inside of our body by navigating on 3D model human body, making it easy to learn the concepts as the student no longer have to read about some object and creating his own images about how the object is for real. There are still more possibilities to apply this technology.


Augmented Reality can really help the surgeon on a patient operation. The surgeon can see patient information about pressure, heart rhythms on real time, and may be see some suggestion being transmitted on Augmented Reality of what should do next. It also makes ease to study the patient, understanding deeply the problem before the surgery.


Using Augmented Reality on Airplane (source: YouTube)

Modern aircraft are emerging as advancement of technology are being made. The use of this technology lies on the possibility to display plane’s speed and turn rate directly to the pilot, projecting on the screen avoiding the need of looking up or down to see the information.


Augmented Reality on Tourism(source: askgecko)

Using Augmented Reality on tourism can allow tourists to guide them selves. The user may be able to see top visited places, with ranking, even how to arrive there. Other possibility is to see information of specific object user is looking using an Augmented Reality glasses.


Pokemon GO Game(Source:

One of top Virtual Reality games is Pokemon Go, the impact of the game was notorious, all because it brings a new experience which give the game a sensation of reality. This is one of the most promisor industry that is going to be affected by the technology.


These area is having a dramatic change, from artificial intelligence, internet of things, 3D printing, all are causing disruptive innovation(I will talk later about disruptive innovation). Using Augmented Reality on business can make easy to control a company production, and help employer like on construction for example, to identify some problems that need to be fixed.

There is still remain to many areas where can be applied this technology, art and shopping are name of few. During our series we will talk about them.

My point of view is that this technology is going to open new opportunity on our life, being limited by our imagination.

Before you go…

This is the end of the article but on next post I am going to talk about how can we get started with this technology, and make some wonderful jobs.

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