Be Awesome Right Now!

Being awesome at anything requires a few key steps.

  • Master You
    Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Know what you like versus what you don’t like. Broaden your horizons: Learn something new. Appreciate that you will fail sometimes, and importantly, learn how to listen.
  • Understand your environment 
    Identify the key challenges facing your environment (home, work, relationship, community, etc.). Identify what’s important to persons within your environment — the two may not be the same. Identify how you can impact your environment with your unique skills/areas of interest.
  • Identify the leaders/influencers
    Find the leaders and influencers in your environment. Identify what’s important to them. Find out if their interests are aligned with yours. Can they become your champions?
  • Pick your battles carefully
    Find the easy wins within your sphere of influence; accumulate as many wins as possible. Become an influencer’s influencer.
  • Execute, execute, execute
    Focus on effectively applying your skills to a specific problem within your environment. Identify the end-point or desired outcome. Execute.
  • Repeat

Congratulations, you are now awesome!

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