Tracy Jenkins
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1 min readDec 18, 2022


Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Soft soul whisperings turning into a roar

Proclaiming my power from shore to the shore

Broken bindings fall uselessly onto the floor

Staying small in a safe space

Not me, nevermore

Run, run with bare feet through the woods to the pyre

My arms filled with items to toss in the fire

Twist turn watching burn what I do not desire

Pours open my heart

Thus removing all mire

Inhaling the beauty, no fear of unknowns

Exhaling all limits

All limits outgrown

Soul fully aligned

Life fully my own

Exposing expanding

My cover’s been blown

No fear in the future

The future I claim

No, no looking back

It’s the first I feel sane

No words for them now

No need to explain

I lost myself once but not now

No more shame

Walk, walk with intentions

Intentions so pure

My old life released

Search for it

No, no more

Who I am

Who I am finally is made sure

Goodbye Old

Hello New

It is You I adore



Tracy Jenkins

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