Ditto- Group Trip Planning App

Jennifer Wei
Jun 21 · 3 min read

Make trip planning a true group effort.

I’ve officially graduated from SVA MFA Interaction Design. Here, I’m sharing my love for travel and my Master thesis with you. After 8 months, this is where I landed, but I plan to continue iterating the concept. So, if you have any thoughts or feedback, please do share it with me.

What is the problem?

Planning a trip with groups can be stressful, overwhelming, and time-consuming. With multiple parties involved, decisions on where to go, where to stay, where to eat, and what to do can be challenging. While there are many travel planning tools on the market, none of them succeed in aligning expectations and facilitating group decisions.

Making decisions together as a group is difficult.

What is the solution?

Ditto is a platform that streamlines the process of planning a group trip by distributing tasks and polling the group to form decisions together. A master itinerary keeps everyone on the same page before, during, and after the adventure.

Each group member shares their personal interests and preferences for the trip during the onboarding. As the group shares updates via chat, individuals can bookmark favorites into an integrated repository from which the trip is built. Saving you from delay, indecisiveness, and unnecessary tension, Ditto polls the group on matters requiring advanced booking, allowing everyone’s voices to be heard.

Ditto has four steps.

01. Align Trip Expectation

When your travel mates first join the trip, everyone is asked to share their travel budget, preferences, and interests. Ditto helps the group to gather different opinions.

02. Chat and Share Trip Ideas

Travel research is a huge part of trip planning. The process will be much richer, faster, and more fun when everyone is part of the discussion. Someone is in charge of finding off-the-beaten-path experiences, someone hunts down the best place to stay, someone else discovers the most authentic street food. A group favorite list presents all the findings makes in-destination discovery easy.

03. Vote to Make Decision

Often time, there is a trip organizer who does most of the work. But, leaving one person to make the decision puts organizers in a very stressful position. Everyone should be happy with the final result and have a say in the process.

04. Create Itinerary Together

A shared itinerary keeps everyone on the same page. It shows what has been suggested, voted, reserved and booked.

If you like to know more, watch my presentation below or send me an email at wwei@sva.edu. Let’s chat!

Jennifer Wei

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MFA Interaction Design student @svaixd

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