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BUIDL partnership program now accepting applications

Toast partnership program designed to foster ecosystem growth

Interested in joining BUIDL? Apply here 🤓

Starting June 1 we are going to actively start our first cohort of BUIDL launches. The goal of the BUIDL program is to continue to foster the growth of the Toast ecosystem and drive liquidity across the network. Learn more here.

An update to the partner program is the use of SPACE TOAST launch pad to introduce pre-released projects in the cohort.

How it works

We will incubate project cohorts in our BUIDL program, Using the fundamentals of IDO’s, liquidity will then be provided for new project launches using SPACE TOAST based LP tokens. After the launch the new project tokens are claimed by participants and the excess is burned.

As we continue to grow, we aim to create a launchpad to simplify the process for both technical and non-technical project founders, that will allow communities and projects access to all the options they need for a secure, rug-free and successful launch.

✓ The BUIDL program will focus on projects that add value to the ecosystem

✓ The launch pad will utilize innovative liquidity locks to keep funds #SAFU

✓ Only projects with pre-audited contracts will be launched

✓ Project launches will be funded, SPACE TOAST HODLers are rewarded through utility and the deflationary mechanism (hyper burn) will reward TOASTz HODLers.

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Technical Details:

Remember, we will NEVER send private messages.
We don’t believe in DMs and will never send you a DM first.
We do not have technical support team.

Let’s burn more $TOAST!



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