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Introducing the Toast BUIDL Program ⚒️

Let’s 🚀 together

Toast is a DeFi ecosystem and liquidity network on Binance Smart Chain.

We are expanding! Our goal is to continue to foster the growth of an ecosystem and drive liquidity across the network. To drive support further we have committed to offering a partnership program for qualifying projects.

You can apply here

🔥 Introducing the Toast BUIDL Program!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Who: ALL projects on Binance Smart Chain (New or existing projects can participate!)

💡 What: An initiative to SUPPORT projects on Binance Smart Chain and REWARD projects for using Toast

🤷‍♂️ Why: We want to GROW with all up and coming Binance Smart Chain projects and create a strong, distributed network of on-chain liquidity

🤔 How: Its simple… Apply. Build. Rewards!

Setup 📋

Getting started with BUIDL program is easy. For new projects, make sure to have completed the following:

  1. Token Name (example: Bitcoin, Dogecoin)
  2. Token Symbol (example; BTC, DOGE)
  3. Token Icon
  4. Logo
  5. Brand Colors
  6. Mission Statement — 2 strong sentences
  7. Short Brand Statement (1 sentence)
  8. Domain Name (.com, .finance, .cash, .org. etc.)
  9. Email account
  10. Twitter Account (@tokenname or @token_fi, etc)
  11. Telegram
  12. Roadmap
  13. Tokenomics
  14. Beneficiary target
  15. Whitepaper
  16. Developer Wallet
  17. Website

Incubation 📋

Getting started with BUIDL program is easy. Once the setup is complete, Toast will incubate with the following items:

Development / Incubation Items

  1. Landing page
  2. Smart Contract on testnet
  3. Smart Contract on mainnet
  4. Github
  5. Promotion campaign (Influencer content, social marketing and awareness building)
  6. Smart Contract Audit
  7. Community management support

Once these items are secured a date can be placed on calendar. The goal at this point is to raise ~200 minimum BNB in pre launch sale. Using DXSale a 2% fee from funds raised in BOTH BNB and the Token are required (there is a requirement of 5 BNB in wallet to conduct presale)

Don’t have a project, no worries! Other ways you can get involved:

  1. Share the BUIDL program! When you see new projects cropping up, make sure they are aware of the TOAST BUIDL program and it’s advantages
  2. Be a $TOASTz holder, so you can take part in the pools!

You can apply here

Toast may update the BUIDL program as necessary to fit the needs of the community

Let’s burn more TOASTz !!!



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