3 Conscious Living Tips for Beating the Winter Slump

Feeling demotivated and sluggish? You’re not alone.

Karen Mac
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Wherever you live in the world, February can be a tough month to get through. The excitement of a new year has faded away, and if you factor in shorter days and below-freezing weather, it can be far too easy to lose sight of the sense of purpose that you began the year with.

Feeling demotivated and sluggish? Discouraged in your efforts to live more sustainably or be a more conscious consumer? Know that you’re not alone. But don’t forget that your everyday actions matter and that you do have the power to create the change that you want to see in the world.

If you’ve got a bad case of the winter slump, here are a few of my favorite conscious living tips for rekindling a feeling of intentionality in the dead of winter:

1. Stay nourished.

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During the winter months, it’s tempting to consume unhealthy comfort foods that keep our bodies from feeling nourished and energized. But winter is a great opportunity to explore different ways of eating more sustainably.

Shop locally by figuring out which types of seasonal produce you can buy in your neighborhood, try experimenting with meatless Mondays or explore toasting good’s directory of social enterprises promoting sustainability through food.

Pro tip: I love Women’s Bean Project, which has a holistic women’s employment model and makes some of the best healthy dried bean soup mixes on the market.

2. Keep track of how you’re spending your time.

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Winter often means spending more time indoors, and if you’re not careful, that can quickly mean more time spent watching TV or scrolling on your phone than usual.

This month, take some time to slow down and remember some of the hopes that you had for this year. Was it a goal of buying better groceries, beauty products, or kids’ toys? Did you want to start composting or carpooling? Whatever they may be, it’s not too late to get started.

Pro tip: I recently began taking a weekly “technology sabbath” where I don’t touch my phone or laptop for one night a week. It helps free me of external distractions; instead, I use the time to slow down, journal, and reflect on my week.

3. Stay connected.

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The cold weather can make it easier to isolate yourself, but it’s easier to stay accountable to your conscious living goals in the company of other people.

Being with people doesn’t have to mean going outside — there are numerous indoor activities that you can do with others that promote sustainability or ethical living. Host a clothing swap with friends as a fun way of encouraging slow fashion, or cuddle up together and watch one of these eye-opening fast fashion films together.

Pro tip: I love Mirah’s list of recommended books on conscious living, social impact, and inspiring social entrepreneurship journeys — perfect book club material.

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