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5 Ways Meditation Can Help You Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

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What is mindfulness and how do you do it? describes it simply as practicing the art of creating space for ourselves — space to think, space to breathe, space between ourselves and our reactions.

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How Meditation Can Help You Live A More Sustainable Life

1. Strengthens appreciation for what you already have

Meditation is a great way to practice gratitude by realigning your thinking and uprooting deeply-set fears, attachments and bad habits.

2. Increases self-awareness

We’ve become so used to consuming without thinking.

3. Gives you a chance to connect with your ‘why’

Making sustainable changes in your life can be overwhelming and it’s easy to slip back into the convenience of plastic bags, takeaway coffee cups and fast fashion.

4. Helps manage stress

We tend to be more compassionate when we’re in a good mood, am I right?

5. Eases ethical and activist burnout

In a world increasingly obsessed with quick-fixes, external appearances and temporary trends, it’s not easy to go against the grain and choose to slow down, cut the clutter and strive to live a simpler, kinder life.

It really does start with you

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