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Now more than ever, do you find yourself needing a day to unwind, plant your feet in the warm sand and soak in some Vitamin Sea? A day (or, hey, even a week) of self-care by the water is long overdue in 2020 and I’ve curated a list of ways to invest in environmentally-conscious beach essentials just for you.

1. Purchase swimsuits made of recycled materials

Environmentally-conscious bathing suit lines, such as Aava Swim, are inspired by the health of our deep blue seas and the more than 20,000 species that inhabit them. This enterprise produces swimwear made from 78% ECONYL fibers, which are reclaimed ocean waste and recycled ocean plastics such as water bottle remnants or fishing nets left overboard that threaten the lives of marine environments.

Tallulah Bowknot One-Piece

As our waters are forced to welcome unwanted properties each day, Aava Swim combats the continued pollution of oceans without sacrificing a cent of style. Consumer favorites range from the popular Imogen Crossover One-Piece to the Dakota Bandeau Bikini, both of which are priced at $95 a piece. While the investment may seem steep, it is worth every penny to know your purchase is produced with sustainable partners. Aava Swim has eliminated single-use plastics in its supply chain and actively avoids the pits of fast fashion trends by striving to maintain a zero-waste production cycle each season.

Today, on World Oceans Day, I encourage you to do your research and check out up-and-coming swimwear lines created for the purpose of preserving our ocean waters. When recognizing you are due for a new suit or want a trendy one-piece for that upcoming beach trip, consider the impact you are making by buying from the ocean, for the ocean.

2. Utilize sustainable skincare you can trust

While it should remain top of mind to observe ocean-safe practices during the fast-approaching summer days, it is equally important to apply that same care to protect our skin barriers. Skincare company Supergoop! Sunscreen enables consumers to simultaneously do both!

This brand was the first ever to produce SPF sunscreen without the active ingredient of oxybenzone, which toxicology experts believe has the ability to absorb ultraviolet light through the skin. Oxybenzone and other harmful ingredients rank at the top of Supergoop!’s No List and will not be found in their formulas. By avoiding such additives, the company removes harsh and toxic chemicals from products while sustaining a clean and coral reef-safe production cycle.

Best of all, Supergoop! caters to different skin types with over 40 product offerings that would be a perfect addition to your skincare routine. Plus, each purchase goes on to support their Ounce by Ounce giving program that donates SPF to schools across America with the goal of educating students about the significance of sun safety and skin health.

Photo by C. Style Blog

As you get your daily dose of sunshine this summer, be sure to apply a sunscreen that not only fights hard to protect your skin barrier from sun damage but also works toward a healthier life for our oceans. You can also choose a plastic-free brand from Zero Waste Store or Package Free Shop.

3. Surf Clean with Your Environment’s Wax!

The beach is an especially sacred space for avid surfers and ocean addicts alike, including Hogan Peters, the Founder and Creator of YEW! Your Environment’s Wax. To those of you who know or are surfers, you understand how vital surf wax is to be able to grip your feet on a surfboard and perform well on the waves.

Traditional surf wax markets possess ingredients that undergo petroleum refinement processes. Meaning, when surfers paddle out after applying those waxes, micro-paraffins drip into the water and raise carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions across oceans. YEW! addresses this problem and is the most eco-friendly surf wax on the market sourced and produced with the environment — both land and sea — in mind.

After testing upwards of 900 different formulas, Peters came to find the perfect fit. While most competitors utilize paraffin, which is a petroleum-based waxy substance, as their primary stick agent, YEW! uses beeswax. By establishing ethical partnerships with generational beekeepers across the United States, he buys from hives when they are overcrowding and exclusively works with bee aviaries that fight against the use of pesticide sprays. With the purchase of each bar of wax, consumers can rest assured they are not only playing a small role in the fight against bee colony collapse but also reducing unwarranted chemicals into our oceans.

YEW!’s slogan “Do It Clean” is more than just a motto, it is a lifestyle for the social enterprise and its team of loyal followers. I encourage you to buy a stick of wax for yourself or a friend before hitting the waves with surfboards in hand this summer. Most importantly, keep in mind a great piece of advice Hogan Peters shared with me over a phone interview.

“Every time we use the environment, it is there for us, but we need to be there for it, too.”

So, as you celebrate World Oceans Month this June, please be sure to balance your own buying habits to ensure you are aligning with the needs of our planet and the marine life that inhabits it. Hang loose and have a great, sustainable summer!

Editor’s Note

This World Ocean’s Month, we hope you’ll take a moment to consider how your everyday purchases and actions have an impact on marine life and ecosystems.

Eco Bags | Bambu | Thistle Farms

Beyond sustainable swimwear and suncare, we encourage you to pack your food and beverages responsibly to avoid waste. Try EcoBags to carry your beach items and use steel food containers and water bottles from Bambu. After-sun skin care is equally important! We love Thistle Farms and BeeLove’s lotions and body wash. All these brands are responsible, ethical social enterprises working to make a difference for people and the planet.

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