How to Make Your Essential Beauty Products More Sustainable

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4 min readSep 11, 2020


Often, we have to sacrifice our ethical standards when using essential beauty products. Suncream, shampoo and even face moisturizer are often not only bad for the environment but for our bodies too. Read on to take the pain out of searching for ethical beauty products.

Essential Beauty Product #1: Suncream


Something we should all be wearing every day (although most of us don’t) is suncream. Unbeknownst to most is the fact that suncream is very damaging not only to yourself but to the environment too. Studies have shown that harmful chemicals found in suncream wash off into the ocean. The effects of this are incredibly detrimental to the reefs in our ocean, alleged to contribute to coral reef bleaching.

But what can you do to stop this?

Believe it or not, some companies care about their products environmental impact. Therefore, there are products that you can use, that will not contribute to coral bleaching and that aren’t detrimental to your health.

The first product is an excellent suncream by the brand thrive. This suncream is incredible for three simple reasons: 1. it does not contain harmful chemicals , 2. it is reef safe and 3. it doesn’t cost the earth (literally and metaphorically).

Need I say more? No, so get buying!

Essential Beauty Product #2: Moisturizer

Any skin care professional will tell you that moisturizer is the most crucial step in your beauty regime. Why? Because every day, exposure to heat, humidity and pollution has a multitude of adverse effects on our skin. Moisturizer helps regain the moisture lost through such daily exposures.

Let’s take a look at what moisturizers we can use that have proved better for the environment?

Facial oil:

Facial oil has climbed the ranks over the past year or so, and it isn’t hard to see why. Your skin glows after using it, making you look beautifully youthful. But, what facial oil is genuinely responsible for its environmental impact?

Not many. The beauty industry is not known for being cautious about harmful environmental practices, leaving it down to consumers to decide where to spend their hard-earned cash.


A well-loved facial oil is this one here by LXMI. This brand considers the importance of their impact on the environment, allowing you to bask in their glowy facial oil.


Now it’s time for the ladies who love to slather on moisturizer like there is no tomorrow. Yes, I am talking about you. I’m sure that you have been looking for a sustainable alternative to your favorite moisturizer, now you don’t have to. LXMI’s moisturizer proves that you can pamper yourself and feel positive about the effect you are having on the earth.

Essential Beauty Product #3: Shampoo

We all know the effects a good shampoo can have, just like we all know the impact a lousy shampoo can have. But that is mainly due to what are hair and scalp look like after using them- not the environment.

Photo by Hannah Xu on Unsplash

The great news is you don’t have to sacrifice you scalp to save the planet. The following brands have made sure that the sacrifice of good hair isn’t the planet. After all, it shouldn’t have to be!

Lush is known as the go-to for sustainable and ethical beauty practices, which is evidenced in its approach to shampoos.

Instead of only selling bottled shampoo, Lush sells handy shampoo bars, which have a bonus of no packaging. Now I know you must be reading this and thinking ‘bars are for soap, not my head’. I too was skeptical. But these bars have a multitude of different options that you can follow, plus Lush sell co-wash chunks, for any of you ladies who hate the drying effect shampoos have.

Last but not least, we have banished products. For any of you Aussies, these products are the pits. They are similar to lush, meaning that such products are suited to specific hair types. So, if you have colored hair — don’t worry, this one is for you.

A fantastic quality that both of these brands hold is the fact that they are transparent about their practices and their ingredients, which means that all customers can evaluate whether the product will be right for them.

Now that you are a seasoned professional in ethical beauty show this to your friends, family and co-workers to make the world a better place.

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