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In the last 10 years, we’ve become more digitally connected and had more access to world news than ever before.

We have better language to describe the inequalities we see in our society, we have more knowledge about the systems that contribute to social challenges and we’re aware of the hardships underserved communities face.

As a result, we now live in a society where the majority of millennial consumers would rather buy products from businesses with a social stance, the CEO of the largest investment management company in the world is calling on business leaders to care about their impact and high schoolers are organizing marches to support environmental action.

Public demand for social change is evident.

Yet, one could argue with all this awareness and good intention, we are struggling under an information overload.

We care about these social issues, we want so badly to “be the change” we want to see in the world, but we don’t know where to start.

Even with the best of intentions, when you care about doing good in the world it can be tough to discern how. That’s where toasting good comes in.

Take shopping ethically for example. The market is so flooded with options, it’s difficult to determine who is truly doing good and who is just doing good “cause marketing.” Finding solid, trustworthy brands often requires hours of personal research before the stars align and you find that business with a quality product and the mission to back it up.

Then, there’s the ever-evolving conversation of human justice and the fight for a more equitable world. As our understanding of social issues grows, language adjusts, the focus shifts and so do the solutions. Even with the best of intentions, when you care about doing good in the world it can be tough to discern how.

That’s where toasting good comes in.

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Toasting good is an online platform created by Social Enterprise Alliance to celebrate all things social enterprise. You may have seen our gift guides Holiday Gift Guide, Mother’s Day Guide or the Valentine’s Edit. (We even have a Father’s Day Guide you can still shop, if you’re a procrastinator like me).

We do the work of carefully sourcing and curating products for each of these guides from social enterprises, making it easy for you to find the essentials that you need while supporting social change at the same time.

Now, we want to do more. We know that voting with your wallet is only one way to affect change. So, in addition to connecting you with products you’ll love, we want to inspire you to create change through your daily actions.

Introducing The Review, a blog by toasting good!

The Review is a blog and newsletter created to clear up the information overload, answer your questions and provide practical steps you can take to start making an impact in your everyday life.

Backed by SEA’s 20-year history in the social impact industry and featuring writers with experience starting their own social enterprises, consulting for Eileen Fisher and writing for Forbes and Acumen, you can trust The Review to deliver well-informed and authentic content.

Meet our 2019 toasting good Contributors:

The Review is a place to discuss the social issues you care about, highlight the businesses creating solutions and demystify living consciously (because what does that mean anyway?).

Want to be more eco-friendly but need to keep it budget-friendly? We’ve got recommendations.

Interested in ethical fashion, but not sure what it means or how to spot it? We’ll clear it up.

Need a crash course on social enterprise and why it matters? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re an ethical fashion fanatic, interested in social enterprise or just curious about this “conscious living” stuff, The Review is here to inspire you to create change with your daily actions, whether by changing your purchasing decisions or simply shifting your lifestyle habits.

So be the first to know about new social impact insights, product recommendations and updates by following our new account on Instagram, our blog on Medium and subscribing to our newsletter!




Mikaela Clark
toasting good

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