First MEDIA CFO Podcast episodes coming soon

Media CFO announces its first episodes of weekly podcast format for mid-March.

MEDIA CFO The Podcast is a weekly podcast focused on the finance, strategy, business affairs, and legal side of the global media & entertainment industry.

Recording of podcast episodes are underway: Maxwell Kangkolo (Garage) speaks with host Tobias Jaeger

The guests on the podcast range from veteran studio executives to new, disruptive market entrants. The podcast is casual, conversational, and light in tone. It allows viewers to feel as if they too are sitting around the same table, providing valuable insights that they cannot get anywhere else. While there is no set length, conversations so far have run from 25 to 50 minutes.

The MEDIA CFO podcast takes a look under the hood of the global entertainment industry and talked to the unsung heroes: dealmakers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, financiers, service providers, bankers, investors, and agents.

“I am greatful to be given the opportunity to have these conversations with truly exceptional and amazing industry people. I love speaking with other finance, legal or business affairs people because everyone else having a ‘traditional’ background such as a banker or lawyer also has to find creative and somtimes unorthodox solutions in this often very eclectic industries. It is very difficult to find ‘the’ handbook on a topic so nothing beats experience.I have relaized that someone over the years I seem to have made it my mission to capture and collect the amazing experiences and knowledge of current media leaders and make it accessible for anyone interested in learning more about the business aspect of the industry. “ — Tobias Jaeger

The Podcast is produced by Colibri Studios and recorded on location with its international guests. Currently, AXIOM Venture Capital is sponsoring the podcast and has encouraged others to consider sponsorship as well.

If you have suggestions for guests to be invited to the podcast, please email them to