Announcing SmartPy

We believe improving the Tezos developer experience is crucial for adoption. Many in the Tezos ecosystem are focused on creating developer tools to make Tezos more accessible.

To that end, today we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Smart Chain Arena LLC to support the development of SmartPy, an intuitive and effective smart contracts language and development platform for Tezos with Python syntax. This extends our commitment to create open-source smart contract tools and other public goods to advance the Tezos ecosystem.

Overview of from SmartPy to Michelson, Tests, and Analytics. Check out Francois Maurel’s detailed Medium post introducing it.

The Smart Chain Arena team is led by Francois Maurel. Francois holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Computer Science from Université Paris Diderot and has extensive theoretical and industrial experience with OCaml and financial markets. Francois is well-acquainted with the Nomadic Labs team in Paris and will collaborate with them and other members of the Tezos smart contracts ecosystem on certain areas of SmartPy.

Furthermore, Smart Chain Arena is developing, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to analyze, test, and formally prove properties about Tezos smart contracts. Smart Chain Arena expects to have a first version available to the public this summer.

We are thrilled to support the SmartPy project to improve the developer and user experience of building, testing, and shipping secure Tezos smart contracts.

To learn more, check out Francois Maurel’s Medium post introducing SmartPy and, and look out for new smart contract languages to be announced in the coming months.