Breaking News: Father of Communism Monetized by Capitalist Heathens, Mistaken for Leader of Russian Revolution

Oct. 26, 2015 5:58 p.m. ET: Today, a young professional woman in the United States mistook Karl Marx, the father of Communism, for Vladimir Lenin, one of the most popularly recognized leaders of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Highgate Cemetery’s monument of Karl Marx, philosopher and father of the economic theory of communism, and NOT Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Russian Communist Revolution.

Sources close to the woman say the confusion occurred after she read an article published by The Atlantic, bringing new attention to the long-standing controversy of Karl Marx’s grave site, located in London’s historic Highgate Cemetery. The most recent outrage stemmed from the £4 (about US$6) entrance fee visitors must pay to reach the economist’s resting place.

When contacted in her overpriced, urban, one bedroom apartment, the woman, on condition of anonymity, remarked, “I thought he’d be buried in a country where they write their R’s backwards.”

Those close to the woman explained that she always had trouble differentiating between the philosopher and Russian politician from the early 20th century. Though Marx’s Communist Manifesto was published over 20 years before the Lenin’s birth, they weren’t surprised.

Recent interest in the Prussian economist’s grave site came after an article published in the Wall Street Journal condemned the fee, charged by the charity that maintains the grounds, Friends of Highgate Cemetery. Though many visitors recognize the irony of the fee, it has not been the first attempt to monetize on the champion of the workers’ revolution. In the past, the cemetery has been criticized for selling souvenirs featuring Marx’s face, and his monument has been the site of fashion photo shoots. Despite public criticism, the charity chairman points to the fact that it was Marx’s choice to be buried in a private cemetery as opposed to one run by the state.

When asked to comment on the fee’s irony, the young professional displayed less shock. “New flash, World: America won. Germany made sure of that 25 years ago, and you can’t expect a dead guy to pay his own condo fees.”

Source: Das Tomb: Karl Marx’s Resting Place Has an Entry Fee