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TIL : Using python decorators to secure method invocation.

Coming from a Java background, I began to explore concepts similar to method level annotations, so that I can apply re-usable methods to solve this problem

Problem : I have to secure a api call with logic to inspect the headers for an auth token and then perform validation logic

Q. Why do i need a common solution?

A. I cannot possibly put validation logic across 24 methods in three classes of controllers.

I relied on these links to help me with the solution

The solution is as follows

def authorize(f):
def decorated_function(*args, **kws):
request = args[0]
if not 'X-Auth-Token' in request.headers:
return responses.error_response("Un-Authorized Request: %s" % str("Missing Token"),
is_valid_api_token = _token_validation_func(request.headers["X-Auth-Token"])
if is_valid_api_token:
return f(*args, **kws)
return responses.error_response("Un-Authorized Request: %s" % str("Invalid Token"),
return decorated_function
"""Validates the JWT token Logic
def _token_validation_func(api_token):
# Validation logic as per business requirements
return is_valid

And then use the





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