FEB 21 2017

Chained to the Rhythm

Katy Perry released the video to her new single, Chained to the Rhythm. Can you think of a better way to visit Tomorrowland than with Katy Perry as your guide? Nope.

Truly Social POV


Snap has finally made their new Spectacles available to a broader audience. The truth is they’ve been available to anyone as long as you were near one of the psuedo-vending machines spitting out the new glasses. Now, they have been made available for the greater masses, and transportationly challenged, via the only website.

Legend of the Sword

The trailer for Warner-Bros’ new installation in the world of King Arthur has been released. Starring our new Young Pope, Jude Law, as the ruthless Vortigen and our favorite former Son of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnan, fighting for his birthright as Arthur, this should be quite the void-filler when longing for more Games of Thrones in your life. Additionally, I expect it to be a pleasantry to the eyes with Guy Ritchie as director.

Andre 3000 x Tretorn

Today, Tretorn announced that Andre 3000 is joining their team as a partner and designer.

NYT: 1852 to Now

Every front page of the New York Times since 1852. So simple and incredibly elegant.