FEB 23 2017

Aliens [Covenant], Man.

Enjoy the prologue for the “Last Supper” from the upcoming release, Aliens: Covenant, premiering May 19th.

Trebek That Thing Up

Alex Trebek was recently led to quote several rap lyrics due to a Jeopardy subject entitled, “Let’s Rap, Kids!” Some folks having taken those sound clips and laid them out to some beats. In the end, Drake and Trebek may have more in common than just Canada.


Neighborhood? How about a Neighborsystem?

We’ve all traveled from city to city, state to state, country to country, and continent to continent, even from the earth to the moon for a select few of humans. But how would you feel about taking a vacation to one of your six neighboring planets? This is assumed to be possible in a very distant future, as NASA has discovered a system of seven planets, all close to one another and capable of support Earth-like life, surrounding a star. This system has been called Trappist-1. Living here, you would look up to see your neighboring planets as opposed to the moon as well as see them in their rotation around their “sun”.

Should you or I hope to visit this hood of the universe? Nope. It’s only 40 light years away, which, in the case that you can’t math nor do you have any knowledge of that time conversion or the spacecraft capabilities to date, it would take us 200,000 years to reach the planetary system on our fastest space vehicle presently. As exciting as it is…. Let down, Will Robinson. Let down.

Look Like a Knick

This is a great work out routine from the Performance Director of the New York Knicks. It’s seven, easy routines amendable to suit your needs of strength or conditioning.

Egg Russian Roulette

I guess I’m a child; I love this sort of schtick. It’s simple and a quick cut to the laughs. This specific one features Neil Patrick Harris (“The Doogs”) appearing on The Tonight Show and playing Egg Russian Roulette with Jimmy Fallon. What’s that? Simple: In a carton of one dozen eggs, four of them are raw while the rest are hard-boiled. Two take terms grabbing an egg, the first one they touch, and smashing it against their head. The first to smash two raw eggs loses the game. So dumb, yet so amusing. It’s more Idiocracy coming to life, but I’m ok with that. Laughter is a good thing, regardless how dumb the entertainment may be.