JAN 28 2017 — Saturday Quick Hits

The Hat Is Back

Spoilers: There’s no spinny room. :(

Ow, My Balls.

I’ve willingly accepted that this is my future. Go ahead, and, you, waste a few minutes of your weekend as well.

Imperial Dreams

Just checked, and yep, Netflix is releasing more films. This, too, will be watched, and I’m excited to have more John Boyega in my life alongside Attack the Block and The Force Awakens.

Waiting Is Over

Why be interrupted by Tom Brady recording more history when you can watch Super Bowl commercials early online?

If only this were true and happened in real life… I’d clean more often, even wear the gold chain. If I’m ever attacked like this by wife, it’s because I started to change the channel from Bravo.

The Coen Brothers also have a commercial for Mercedes with some Easy Rider flare…


Short and sweet.

Have a good rest of your weekend.

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