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Thursday, July 13, 2017

It would be treasonous of me to start this installment off with anything else, so I present to you:


Me as a social media manager:

The return of the prodigal son(/-in-law):

FYI: Don Jr. is 10 whole days younger than Emmanual Macron, the head of state Trump just met with.

Like, come on.

Oh but they will! Having had the groundwork for this defense laid out by the administration, Republicans are doubling down on the dual claims that 1) this was all a big Democratic set-up and 2) it doesn’t actually matter. (This is true, because nothing matters.)

After it was discovered that Kushner added an additional *100* names to his SF-86 form (a felony!), this is the line his team is going with:

That’s all for now, until the next revelation.

And, as has become our daily ritual:

It looks like more news is coming soon, but this newsletterer is going outside. 😎

Friends, you will be shocked to learn that Trump’s personal lawyer seems like a pretty horrible person:

Remember that election integrity committee?


Meanwhile, in Colorado:

Good stuff. Not at all alarming!

@ my male readers. You are all very smart and accomplished, and will one day manage younger women, if you are not already. Don’t be this dude!

NYT tech reporter, aka why Travis doesn’t have a job anymore

There’s a lot of dumb stuff I could put in here about the trip to France but nothing quite beats this:

Also I don’t have time to get into it, but Trump — our President, the guy who used to call up the New York Post as “John Baron” to brag about his sex life — has an imaginary friend named Jim.

Lots of political stuff today but I didn’t want Betsy DeVos — the Secretary of Education who received probably more pushback than any other then-nominee but who has managed to relatively speaking avoid scrutiny, probably since she’s the only member of the administration who didn’t meet with the Russians in summer 2016 — to get off the hook.

Special shout out to my Berkeley friends:

Emmy’s Twitter is a day old but it’s fun and my newsletter so go with it. Mostly, people were just upset about The Leftovers getting snubbed.

How does it keep getting nominated?!

This is just an excuse to bring your attention to this iconic tweet:

(click the tweet for the images)
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