Husky Man Buns

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This is the best story of the day and I won’t hear otherwise:

Steve Bannon being funny is a little bit like Ted Cruz occasionally having very funny tweets: I do not like it!

I love Chelsea, I do, but she is honestly just not very good at Twitter.

Maybe these briefings are actually being held off camera because Sean’s just extremely bad at his job? 🤔

The times they are a changin’, starting with a 2018 challenger to Paul Ryan out of Wisconsin’s first district.

His Twitter handle is @IronStache, I am already so unbelievably in.

Never forget

🚨 new Ken doll 🚨

that 👏 blue 👏 gingham 👏 shirt
If you have not read Caity Weaver’s profile of The Rock, honestly close this tab and maybe even unsubscribe until you do because it is the platonic ideal of a celebrity profile and should win a Pulitzer.

There is still so much that’s good in the world.

Man it’s a hot one.

No real words for this one:

On a drastically lighter note, let’s all make fun of Marco Rubio once again demonstrating that he is more robot than person.



Obviously TOTI wasn’t going to go a day without reminding you of the anti-democratic assault on our national healthcare system that is the collective GOP effort to rush through a repeal of the ACA.

Today’s conversation is focusing mostly on the wild hypocrisy that is what’s going on today compared to statements from 2009/10.


😡 📢 👉

That’s all today, folks.

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