Killer G. Whales

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Starting off today with a very important story:

Uber’s horrible 2017 has culminated(?) with:

Checking in with the most metal creature the ocean has to offer:

The Wall Street Journal just fired one of its top foreign reporters for engaging in weapons deals with one of his wealthy sources. Who among us, etc.

On the heels of yesterday’s footage of the Philando Castile shooting, video of the immediate aftermath surfaced and it’s devastating/infuriating.

For the rest of this, click here.

Oof, I did not want to talk about the Jon Ossoff election last night but I don’t choose the news.

The fun thing about this district (suburb of Atlanta) is that in 2016, Trump beat Hillary by just 1.5%, whereas Tom Price (now HHS Secretary) won by a solid 20 points. So everybody gets to project their own interpretation of Ossoff’s 3.7 point loss.

People on the far left remain frustrated in the party for (heavily) backing a centrist candidate whose strategy was to try to win over Price-Clinton voters:

As long as we’re not these people:

But basically we’re all still traumatized:

okay lol

@ potential employers:

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