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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Apologies for the repeat item, but in the hours following yesterday’s email, this story took off and really, it’s the *chef’s kiss* of Internet stories.

@ProBirdRights, god bless the internet

Speaking of the Washington Post, or should I say…

(Amazon does pay taxes and collects state sales taxes but facts don’t really matter anymore.)

But don’t worry, he definitely knows what’s going on with his Senate’s healthcare bill.

tfw you know the subject well & want victory for the U.S.
More strong words from the Straight Talk Express

But it’s almost hard to blame him (that’s a lie, it’s super easy) when this is the new talking point:

Unfortunately for the White House and Mitch McConnell, the bill is not super well liked:

But of course:

In all of the president’s idiocy, it’s easy to forget that he is a serial sexual harrasser:

Another day, another no-Spicer, no-video briefing:

yep. 🙃

The best part of this all:

This item approved by Chris Hayes himself:

This is so so so so so so good:

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