Breauna Van Dyke — Athlete of the Week

Name: Breauna Van Dyke

Grade: 12

Jersey #: 24

How long have you been playing basketball? “Since 6th grade.”

Is there anyone you would like to thank? “My team and all my high school coaches.”

What was going through your mind before getting the steal? What did you feel after making your free throws? “I was thinking of how can I make a play, and then I saw an opportunity. I will never forget the reaction from my teammates, and the screaming coming from the student section when I made those free throws, I couldn’t stop smiling, it feels like a dream.”

What is your ultimate goal in basketball? “I want to leave it all on the floor and end my senior year with no regrets.”

What is your favorite animal and why? “ Haha I love cats because they are full of personality and low maintenance.”

What is your least favorite workout or drill and why? “This is ironic but everyone gets on the baseline and has to shoot two free throws, running liners for the ones we miss.”

Fun Fact: “I was cut from the team 6th grade!”