Dear Fighter

Originally Published On January 8, 2018

By Hayden Farris

Dear Fighter

It was no option, you had no choice
But you were pushed against a wall
They chose you
The demons
They knew how to pursue

So you stepped up and you fought
You never asked for this but you could not rot
Feeling like 10 against 1
We not only hoped, but most thought you won

Demeaning demons destroying desperate dreams
Ravaging reality ruining reliving

It wasn’t your fault the demons surrounded you
And they held true
Despite your pleas, the tragic misease
The masses did not see
That when you looked in the mirror you did not believe

And as you fade away, your memory remains
And we thank you, soldier
For fighting a battle not asked for, not deserved
And we thank you, for showing us that we care
For showing us the reality of the world
One that we must heal