December 4th Lock-Out

Originally published on December 4, 2017.

By Peter Wedlake

On December 4th at 12:14 pm, Glencoe High School went into a lock-out due to six non-Glencoe students trespassing in the cafeteria during lunch, staff requested the students to leave, which they ultimately did. Before leaving, however, one of the trespassers threatened a staff member, the trespasser was later arrested. Classes were intended to continue on, according to an official response put out by the Hillsboro School District.

Graphic design teacher Ian Reynoso faced his first lockout at Glencoe. He believes all-in-all, it went well.

“From what I saw, it looked like it went well, the biggest struggle is kids [being] on social media, that makes it difficult,” said Reynoso.

Social media, said Reynoso, should be strictly limited in cases of lock-ins, where the safety of students is in much more imminent danger. However, he added, social media use should still be limited in lockouts as no one knows what is exactly going on.

Reynoso commended the students in his classroom for their maturity.

“The biggest thing in a situation like that [a lock-out] is that high schoolers need to be mature and not blow it out of proportion,” said Reynoso.

When reached out to, Principal Ruf declined to comment.

“I am sorry I can’t [comment] … there will be a message going home tonight to parents,” said Ruf in an email to one of our editors-in-chief.