Madison McGlasson — Athlete of the Week

Name: Madison McGlasson

Grade: 12

What events do you run in Track and Field? I run the 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, 4 by 1 relay and other sprints.

How long have you been doing Track? I did CYO St. Matthew’s track in 6th grade and then again at Evergreen in 8th grade and I have been doing it since.

How did you feel winning both of your races? Winning the races was awesome and I felt really strong. My times were a little slow, but it’s the beginning of the season and I’m excited to improve!

What is your ultimate goal in Track? My goal for this season is to make it to state in both the 100 hurdles and the 300 hurdles and to place top 8 in the 100 hurdles. My ultimate goal in track is to be able to compete at the collegiate level.

What is your favorite part of being on the Track team? My favorite part of being on the track team is my teammates. Everyone is always so supportive of each other and it’s like a family.

Is there anyone you would like to thank? I want to thank all of my coaches and my parents for always supporting me.

What other activities do you like to do besides Track? This year I did swim team and cross country, and I also like to bike.

Are there any other fun facts you would like to tell us? My mom ran track also and she won state for the 100 hurdles in Oregon in 1986!