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Depressive Thoughts In Today’s World

I may not have all the Psychology related degrees, nor am I legally able to call myself a Licensed Counselor of any kind, nor can I call myself a Social Worker. I’m not a Doctor, Nurse, or anything in between. I speak and I write about subject matters related to the storms I’ve been through personally. Those storms victimized me, robbed me of so much, and at times the storms I struggled through, also were storms that terrorized my loved ones too. There has just been so many people involved in my struggle through addiction, Major Depression, and Anxiety. I hope as always, when I write pieces, the facts I put on paper, along with my own spins, opinions, and relevant insight related to each topic, people out there who can relate, may feel assurance and strength, knowing, they are far from the only ones struggling. I’m here for all of you. I understand all of you. I am always willing to be there for anyone. My world is always open for those who also have survived like I have.

Now, lets see what Depressive Thoughts can really do. Both what text book may say, and then what I say.

The diagram shows, the things that encompass Depressive Thoughts. Those being negative thinking habits, harsh self criticism and unrealistic & unfair thoughts. I will say it again, it’s something I say so much, that I am a legitimate broken, record. But, I am my absolute and concrete worst critic, and probably worst enemy overall.

I read somewhere that one of the most courageous things we can do for ourselves is to battle head and combat the negative qualities of our thinking, and stop it from reining terror in on our lives. So, in all reality, that is saying that the amount of courage to fight ourselves, is more courage needed then would be needed for any other battle.

As the diagram shows, there are two categories that fit into what is negative thinking habits. They are harsh self criticism, and unrealistic and unfair thoughts. Thy’re both the kind of things that sometimes go on all day long in my head. I’ve also noticed that I am usually the last person that is willing to give my own self a break.

I began to learn though, that the damage we can do to ourselves with behaviors like that could be extremely detrimental to any progress that we want to make. Finally, I came to a place where I was tired of being the person who caused myself the most pain.

So, that very quickly takes us to emotions, with the most common ones being sadness, numbness, discouragement, and an overall frustration. For me, all of those fit into my history of feelings related to Depression. The major ones would probably be sadness and frustration. With numbness I would say that I don’t feel that, however, I would want to feel numb. Want to feel that emotion. That is what lead to the addiction for me. Seeking out numbness, to numb all the feelings. After that is when discouragement would set in, cause I would then have two problems, the depression, and the addiction.

So, we then have Actions. My HUGE action, always whether from substance, or just mental health, or both was Isolation. I could write an entire essay just on isolation. That is how much it has affected me. My own Isolation happens to directly connects to one of the actions on the diagram; Withdrawal from Others. Fer me, they are one in the same. Identical twins in the Universe of Depression. This chart really resembles my own Depression cycle so closely.

As true in my particular life, and like the chart says, my isolation, & withdrawal from others directly connects to another one, the Reduced Activity Level. I was always one to be alone, isolate, depart from my social life, family life, hobbies, everything. A prime example of one who Suffers In Silence.

So, then chart then shows that these actions go into Stressful Situations. Isolation is listed in there, but for me, I’d already be deep in there. I consider that to be more of an action. But, we have in there Conflict. Conflict happens to me because of my isolation and avoidance of people. From people’s concern, or feelings of taking it personal, like I’m ignoring them. When it’s not about them. It’s me. It says Health Condition. The isolation can cause both my conditions of Addiction and Depression to worsen. For loss, I can end of losing jobs from all these problems. I can also lose relationships.

It is all just a constant revolving cycle. I have been writing pieces like this, because I wanted to bring awareness to these type of struggles people are having. I also wanted to make people who are struggling with this know that they are not alone. Just know that I can relate to you. Know there is treatment out there. Good treatment, with good results. Don’t go it alone. I did, and it made all the pain, the depression, anxiety, addiction, insomnia, nightmares, all the struggles were just so much worse. There is an escape from the Hell of Depression.




“Today’s Story” is a publication that offers a platform for Mental Health, Sobriety, Mindfulness, Self Help, Spirituality and any other nonfiction that can offer motivation and hope. Goal is to be a voice for the voiceless. Editor & Publisher @MichaelPatanella

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Michael Patanella

Michael Patanella

Author, Publisher, and Editor. I cover mindfulness, mental health, addiction, sobriety, life, and spirituality among other things.

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