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NO Longer A Monopoly of The 12 Steps

Smart Recovery is a 4 point system for people with all addictions, and related behaviors. Also addressed are general problem areas caused by the addictions, and related activities.

Many behaviors can also be focused on. OCD behaviors, and addictions of all kinds. Those including, Opiates, Alcohol, Cocaine, Gambling, Sex, Food, Shopping, Over exercising, Over dieting, Etc Etc. Normally healthy activities, that then turn to become unhealthy, because they begin to consume your entire life, just like our addictions did.

“Smart Recovery”= Alternative To Traditional AA and NA 12 Steps”

I personally, have never really been a fan of AA, NA, or 12 steps.

Truth be told, some 12 step fanatics will swear on a stack of bibles that 12 steps work, is the ONLY way to Sobriety, and if you don’t follow it, you’re 100% doomed. 12 Step programs do work wonders for millions of recovering addicts. But not everybody, by any means. Just like Smart Recovery won’t help everyone. Still helps plenty.

Recovery Shouldn’t Be A DAMN MONOPOLY. There’s NO reason that AA and NA has to be the “Gold Standard” or “Exclusive Standard.” For Recovery & Sobriety.

Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to try modernize, or even just be able to do some comparing.

As controversial as those last statements will probably be to many, I stand by my opinion. Just like others can stand by their OPINIONS. It just doesn’t work for me. I believe, if someone is Sober, then WHATEVER way they got there, then they’ve have found success based on whatever personal experience they had.

Gold Standard. Each of us should find our Gold Standard. Not judge or lecture others in Cult like ways. I’m only a few months in, still long way to go before I have a good knowledge on Smart Recovery. So far, with Smart Recovery meeting & my research, it has my attention in a positive way. My mind’s OPEN.

I’m still going to continue to look into these modern ideas much more. I’ve had a theory for a long time, that my Sober Network does not even need to be restricted to just people who are recovering addicts and alcoholics, living in Sobriety. A healthy broader spectrum, gives you broader chances.

My Best Friends, and Close family is the Majority of my Sober Network. Most of them are not Recovering Addicts living in Sobriety either. Do some of them drink socially? Sure they do, after all for the most part, they’re pretty normal.

The quality of the support they contribute to me, & my sobriety is not diminished, or Minimized. Here’s the biggest reason why- They MOST important thing necessary to maintain any Sobriety. That is= They Hold Me Accountable.

It is not always up to family and friends to change. It is not our job to change anyone except ourselves because I am the one with the problem/disease. The responsibility to change is on Me. I most certainly, have no right to play alcoholic beverage policeman at events like weddings, or holiday parties. There is no reason my closest people can’t have social drinks around me.

If that type of thing bothered me, and that’s where the caliber of my Recovery was, then I’d feel stuck in a “High School” World of Sobriety, and Recovery.

I have 3 Gold Standard Networks and 3 Gold Standard Behaviors-

My The 3 Networks- My family. My friends. Smart Recovery.

My 3 Behaviors- Speaking the Truth. Honesty To Others. Honesty To Self.

There is still so much that I’ve got to come to terms with, when it come to my own demons and I hope Smart Recovery is a big Contributor to my success. There’ so much pain. So many stories of sadness, and death. Sometimes it’s like constant sounds of Gun shots still in my head.

I promise to the world, that they will know all the evil of Drug Addiction

It’s shocking when realizing that the exposure & publicity of this Crisis, is still fairly new. For decades it was Our Countries little hidden secret.

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Michael Patanella

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