10 ways you are making sales harder to come by

A few questions to pose, generated from situations I’ve observed, just this week:

1. Why aren’t you leveraging tools like a CRM solution to help you better manage your action items and follow-up activities? I know there are people who hide behind a CRM, and certainly sales managers that abuse the CRM, but it is really there to make you awesome. If you use it right…

2. Why are you relying on old school communication methods instead of creating digital content that is both more interesting and easier to spread? Endless, amazing tools to get impactful content out into the world, and seen by your prospects. Why are you doing the old school thing?

3. Why are you cold calling (the wrong way), and trying to get attention through interruption? [Ask me how I use podcasting to connect in a meaningful way…]

4. If you sell through responding to RFPs, why aren’t you hacking modern tools to get the attention of insiders that can make the process easier? In other words, why are you competing (blindly) against dozens of organizations responding to the RFP?

5. Why aren’t you treating (and understanding) your prospects like humans?

6. How in the hell can you actually go to market without truly, deeply understanding what you sell? I am truly amazed how often this happens…right before your eyes.

7. Do you really think you are going to sell enough with so few opportunities in the hopper? You cannot be the home run king with so few at bats…

8. You have ZERO patience. And you’re in sales???

9. How can you nurture true, legitimate opportunities if you don’t give them time to incubate appropriately?

10. I am not suggesting that you should follow the sales script and the sales process meticulously and to the letter, since every sales opportunity is different, and needs a nuanced, personalized touch. But je-he-zus, have a basic framework with which to operate from.

As you can see the Amazon search query screen shot above, there are over 9.3 MILLION #sales resources to be found on Amazon.

So, how in the hell are there people still doing the ten items listed above? Why are you making your sales process harder?

There is no longer any excuse…


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