A Cloudy Day at the Wichita Mountain

I was invited to a get together on Sunday morning out at the Wichita Mountains wildlife refuge near my house. On the morning it was supposed to happen, the plans fell through, but that didn’t deter me, I just grabbed my camera, a couple of lenses, headed out that way on my own.

It was a cloudy morning, but this is still a pretty typical scene on the drive out.

I parked my car in a parking lot near the Boulder trail where I had to get a couple of pictures (hdr shots with my LG G5 smartphone) of Eagle Mountain and the water that runs in front of it.

Eagle Mountain
Rock Reflection

Before I took off up the trail, I had a walk around the picnic area and the surrounding woods to see if I could find anything to to photograph with my mirrorless camera and big 500mm lens. I found a couple of Canadian Geese and a Northern Cardinal just a couple of minutes after parking my car.

Canadian Geese
Northern Cardinal

I then set out up the trail towards the Forty Foot Hole (which I’d visited from the other direction a few weeks ago). I was treated to some pretty spectacular views along the hike from this direction too.

Can you believe this is in Oklahoma?
A closer view of some of the waterfalls

I even decided to let myself actually be in a picture by getting a selfie near the edge of the cliff.

Selfie above the waterfalls

Near the top of these same cliffs, I noticed a few little birds, and this one rufous crowned sparrow was nice enough to pose on a little bare branch against what turned out to be a very pleasing background.

Rufous Crowned Sparrow

I then took a bit of a detour away from the water and the cliffs into a bit more of a wooded area, where I had to take a few “artsy fartsy” type shots of things that may or may not be interesting … like this mossy rock:

Mossy Rock

I was also reminded of why I always keep a macro lens (Tamron 90mm) in one of the pouches of my Camelbak backpack. Just off the side of the trail I noticed all of these suspended waterdrops surrounding a patch of little pink flowers. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the water drops were being suspended just above the ground by a spider web.

After the rain

After putting the macro lens back in my backpack, I hiked to my car and started the drive back to Lawton. But I did stop for one last picture of the low clouds still hugging the tops of Wichita Mountains rolling hills.


If you’d like to see more of my pictures, some of my favorites can be found at: https://500px.com/toddmorris