SCV Launches NFT Market on BSC

Rory Swann
Jun 16, 2021 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce that the NFT Market is now live on Binance Smart Chain. All BEP721 NFTs including SCV NFTs are supported and can now be traded on the market.

Designed for All NFT

The market is designed for all BEP721 NFTs while still deeply integrated with All transactions are made in BNB, and the trading fee rate depends on the user’s SCV staking amount and trading volume.

To sell your NFT on SCV’s NFT Market, just visit your NFT Portfolio, add the contract of your NFT and once it’s displayed in your portfolio, there would be a straight-forward Sell button on its page.

Make Offer for Any NFT

The market not only supports the sell-buy model but also allows presenting a Buy Offer to a seller. This could be very useful when buyers feel the price is too high and try to start a bargain with sellers.

SCV Bot NFT Detail Display

One big issue when trading SCV Bot NFTs on other NFT marketplace is that details of the NFT are not updated in time, resulting in a wrong status of the blind boxes displayed, and APY boost info difficult to see for both sellers and buyers.

SCV’s NFT market solved this issue by introducing a real-time syncing system that ensures everything displayed is fully synced with the latest block and updated.

Therefore each SCV NFT on sale on the market will be displayed with its blind box status, APY boost numbers, rarity, and more.

Market Info

NFT Format Supported
All BEP721 NFTs on Binance Smart Chain

Trading Fee

More details on how to buy and sell

What is coming next?

  • A new series of NFT and Gatcha
  • Mystery
  • LP detail analytics

You can find more in our previous published roadmap — ‒ Vision & Roadmap 2021

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