My talk about the power of community at ESHIP Summit 2018

I tend to be very critical about my own talks and often find them hard to watch without feeling horribly embarrassed. Yet I’m also trying to share out what I’m learning on this community journey. So in that spirit, I wanted to share my talk from the ESHIP Summit 2018 in Kansas City this past July and would be grateful for your feedback how to improve future versions of it.

There are three people that have shaped this talk and that I wanted to thank for their contributions and inspirations. I was planning to thank them during the talk, but then in my nervousness, I got into a flow and forgot to honor them:

Originally published at on October 29, 2018.

Fabian Pfortmüller

Written by

Grüezi, Swiss community builder in NYC, author of @CommunityCanvas, co-founder Together Institute,

Together Institute

Hi there, we are Together Institute, we exist to help people and organizations build more meaningful communities. Here is where we share what we learn and think about.

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