About Together Science Can

Together Science Can was a digital campaign that sought to champion international science collaboration through online community building and grassroots activism.

The campaign was led by the Wellcome Trust and a number of international partners, and ran from September 2017 to April 2019.

During that time, Together Science Can worked with the science community to produce a series of insights and articles about the issues surrounding science collaboration, from visa inequality to childcare barriers.

All of the resources created will be stored on this site in perpetuity. If you have any queries about the content or the campaign, please get in touch on togethersciencecan@wellcome.ac.uk




Started by organisations worldwide to celebrate and protect international collaboration. The time is now to speak as one. #TogetherScienceCan

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Together Science Can

A global campaign to celebrate & protect scientific collaboration. Join the campaign and spread the word. #TogetherScienceCan