Togethera for Apple Watch

We’re super excited that Togethera, the private social network for your family, partner and closest friends, is now available on your wrist! Here’s what’s new:

Full post push notifications

Now you can view an entire post without even opening the app!

Videos in push notifications

We were told it couldn’t be done, but we have videos in push notifications too! Technically they’re more like 8fps, looping GIFs, but they’re awesome nonetheless.

Respond from within push notifications

Dictate a comment with Siri (this is fast and works really well), share your location on a map, or just leave a heart or smiley face emoticon.

Handoff to continue on iPhone

While you’re looking at an Apple Watch notification, you can swipe the Togethera icon on your iPhone lock screen to jump straight to that post in the iPhone app. Handoff really hits its stride with Apple Watch.

Share your location

Sharing your location is super fast — two taps after opening the app and the group of your choice knows where you are.

‘Nudge’ users

You know that family member or friend who needs that extra bit of encouragement to share, call or just stay in touch? We all have them. Well, we’ve made it a lot easier for you to give them a ‘Nudge’. These are little messages like ‘Where are you?’ and ‘What have you been up to?’ that get sent via push notifications and/or emails to the recipient. You can also dictate these via Siri to customise the nudge notification the recipient receives.

We love the Watch and feel that it beautifully augments your current Togethera experience. The latest version of Togethera on iOS already supports Apple Watch, so when yours arrives, we’ll be ready! We’re very excited about its launch and can’t wait for you to try it and let us know what you think.

Download: Togethera on the App Store. Contact: Sokratis(at) Visit: