Transforming Nothing

Digital Disruption has given way to Transformation.

Yet when I work with people in legacy companies, transformation means nothing much. (Many of these people work in pockets of new thinkers who are trying to make multiple, iterative, small, effective changes).

Yet for a majority of those in top management:

  • Transformation means old companies stuggling to maintain market share.
  • Transformation means outsourcing people (shared services models) to try and wring out the last bit of value from existing structures.
  • Transformation means vast change projects that fail to address the basic building blocks of the organization.
  • Transformation means top down big technology and big consultancy projects that cost millions, yet deliver little. The projects merely tick the “transformation box”.
  • Transformation means a new order that is exactly the same as before. The same leaders, the same jobs, perhaps different titles. It’s window dressing.

To me it says “we don’t know what we’re doing!”

This type of transformation is as useful and exciting as the Transformer toy I was given as a kid. It turned into rock.

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Is your company going through one or many “transformations”? Has anything changed? How do you feel?

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