Week 2:

I’ve settled more into my routine this week which has been really cool. My French has improved dramatically, I know how to negotiate prices for the motor-taxi, and I’ve gotten used to kids yelling Yovo everywhere. At work I’ve gotten to help with a lot more! I observe and help with all sorts of wound dressings and cleanings. I help with IV fluids and treatments. I even had to hold the legs down of a kid and watch his circumcision which was actually really cool. I also had to teach a lesson for the students at one of my clinics on taking blood pressure, which turned into the doctor actually giving a cardiovascular lesson that I observed (all in French!)

Our volunteer activity this week was going to an orphanage to paint the walls! It was a lot of fun, and the kids were great too. It was a small orphanage with only 13 kids who came from terrible backgrounds. The orphanages name meant “place of joy” which I liked a lot. We spent all afternoon painting pictures on the walls! (I did the palm trees, house, and a balloon) It’s always fun to spend time with the other volunteers, and especially do something productive this week.

Every Wednesday the medical volunteers (only me right now) also go on an outreach trip. This week we went to another orphanage! This one was larger. The kids wouldn’t stop climbing all over me which was cute. We did basic physical exams on them and diagnosed a couple kids with parasites, anemia, and dressed a couple wounds. They have almost no healthcare out there and even giving simple prescriptions was beyond helpful for these kids. It was really incredible to see the difference just a few hours made!