The last couple of days have been so interesting as I started my volunteer work. I’m going to be splitting my time between two clinics. The first is a Protestant clinic called Centre Medical Sociale Jerusalem, which is next to a large church. The other is Clinic Sainte Triste with one doctor who I work with. In both places the staff starts the day by praying. At CMS, I spent my first day working in general medicine. I was responsible for taking patients’ blood pressures, temperatures, weights, and recording these before the doctor examined them. This place also has small surgeries, prenatal care, pediatric care, ohpthalmology, and a lab which I will get to see and help out in.

At CST, I have mostly been shadowing the doctor so far and listening when he meets with patients. I’ve helped with small tasks during exams and blood tests too. It’s been difficult to understand the French during consults but he often stops to explain. I have seen all sorts of sick visits, an ultrasound, and more! We also went on a house call to a woman with some sort of infection. I helped the doctor clean and treat her wounds which was cool. I’m hoping to get to do more at that clinic too!

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