The Future Of Airdrops: Where Are They Heading?

Airdrops, problems and solutions.

Oct 15, 2018 · 3 min read
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Airdrops, the PR craze that took over crypto marketing in the past years, have been seeing a lot of backlash for their “ineffective” results, cluttering Telegram groups and whitelist pages with greedy bounty hunters. There has been a drop in the number of genuine users, leaving projects hollow and without a strong following.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with airdrops, they are free tokens related to a cryptocurrency enterprise, usually gifted to users in exchange for some actions (such us inviting people to a group or sharing referral links).

These campaigns have been a popular way to market cryptocurrency projects before an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It helps build out a new project’s community and catch the eye of users, hoping the networking effect will create enough buzz for the project launch.

No doubt airdrops are an essential step to take for any ICO, and projects will continue to use them as a way to gain more attention, but the real question seems to be if airdropping tokens actually attracts the attention of potential buyers or just professional bounty hunters and their many fake accounts.

Users who exclusively look for airdrops are called bounty hunters. Most of the times hunters are not interested in the project itself, but only in getting tokens from whatever ICO and then selling them as soon as possible. Seldom a hunter becomes a buyer.

However, bounty hunters are not the root of all evil, and their dedication to the project can still bring some value in terms of resonance and promotion. The problem seems to raise when the only kind of user you manage to attract with your airdrop is the bounty hunter kind.

At Tokedo we still believe airdrops are a powerful tool to strengthen a community, reward supporters, make a coin and the relative project known. We found a way to bring airdrops back to their original purpose and bring a token right in the hands of new, potential buyers.

Atomax — the wallet of the Tokedo Ecosystem — has an Airdrop tab where new, exciting projects are brought to the attention of its community. Atomax is a wallet meant to meet the needs of ICO participants and ICOs themselves, and the Airdrop feature is just one of the ways in which Atomax aims to connect ICOs and buyers like never before.

The built-in KYC allows users to join ICOs immediately and get verified with ease, making Atomax the wallet of choice for ICO enthusiasts. Having your airdrop listed inside Atomax means bringing your token to a community of buyers.

The integrated KYC is also what makes the difference in terms of airdropping to real users. Atomax users can only claim the airdrop after completing level 1 KYC and phone verification. This is an excellent way to significatively limit the issue of multiple fake accounts, created by a single user with the purpose to snatch as many tokens as possible.

Want to be part of the growing community of Atomax users and benefit from the airdrops promoted in the wallet? Download Atomax now, it’s available for both iOS and Android.

Want to list your Airdrop inside Atomax? Get in touch by sending an email at


Tokedo is the complete ecosystem designed to bring…

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