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C.o.R.E.2. Conclusion — Introducing the Second Round of Reactors

C.o.R.E.2. Conclusion

C.o.R.E.2. has now concluded. Things certainly got a spicy in a way we couldn’t have predicted, given noted CT personality and Tokemech big brain DCF God’s disruptive introduction of Votemak. There were some definite wildcard moments throughout the week and leading into the final hours, even with the C.o.R.E.1. bonus votes giving some Reactors an advantage over the new additions. We’ll release more comprehensive C.o.R.E.2. stats in the coming days, but first…

Congratulations to the new Token Reactors:

  1. FOX — Shapeshift
  2. VISR — Visor
  3. SNX — Synthetix
  4. ILV — Illuvium
  5. APW — APWine

Shout out to APWine with the last minute entry into the top five… didn’t see that coming.

Next Steps

Similar to the end of the first C.o.R.E., we’ll be contacting the DAOs/teams of the winning Reactors to pursue governance for a DAO 2 DAO swap to collateralize their Reactors and set up their reserves. While we expect this process to move quickly and have our first ten Token Reactors up and running, it won’t affect our upcoming (tentative) timeline:

  • November 23rd — Reactor Voting (pre-liquidity deployment TOKE staking): TOKE staking/allocating votes to a specific Token Reactor will begin November 23rd. This will give Liquidity Directors the ability to experience the full APR incentive system prior to active liquidity deployment, so use that opportunity to familiarize yourself with how the mechanics work (re: balancing the Reactors). A Medium post with more details on UI updates will be forthcoming.
  • December: In early December, we’ll introduce specific Exchange Voting for Liquidity Directors, per Token Reactor. This will also precede active liquidity deployment, in order to continue user familiarity with LD functionality as well as allow us to calibrate/tweak any necessary adjustments before liquidity deployment goes live. After a few weeks of this, we’re anticipating active liquidity deployment to hit exchanges in mid to late December. These are moving targets, so we’ll update everyone with exact dates once we have them.

Congratulations again to the class of C.o.R.E.2. Token Reactors. We’re extremely excited to have you on board as Tokemak approaches liquidity deployment. We also want to congratulate the entire Tokemech community for once again being active participants in an exciting form of Tokemak’s early governance.

We have a lot more in store in the next week, including a special ‘evolution of DAOs’ article from the Liquidity Wizard himself, and more announcements regarding our roadmap, so stay tuned, Pilots.

Speaking of tunes… whether you’re feeling like a pirate or an outlaw, we’re opening up the Leaky early to celebrate, so join us in the Discord and bump some Tokemak radio:









Tokemak is a novel DeFi primitive designed to generate sustainable liquidity.

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