C.o.R.E. Stats at a Glance

A Brief Summary of Some C.o.R.E. Stats

Vote progress throughout the duration of C.o.R.E.

Here are some quick stats from C.o.R.E.

As mentioned prior to the start of C.o.R.E., the voting weights were as follows:

1 Escrowed TOKE = 1 Vote

1 Staked liquid TOKE = 4 Votes

1 TOKE used in a Uni LP/Sushi LP position = 8 Votes (this translates to 1 Uni LP or Sushi LP token = 69 Votes)

There were a total of 34,970,767 Votes during the first C.o.R.E.

We’re extremely pleased with the outcome from the C.o.R.E. voting process with roughly 57.7% of the votes coming from liquid TOKE and 42.29% coming from escrowed tokens. This means that: as expected, our liquid token holder community had a strong turn out and an edge over the locked tokens given the voting power weighting.

Total Liquid Votes: 20,178,267

Total Escrowed Votes: 14,792,500

Vote Breakdown by Token Type:

Top 10 C.o.R.E. Reactors by Vote Totals:

Unique Addresses for Top 5 Reactors:

Olympus DAO and Alchemix won the popular vote by most unique voting addresses, while Frax, Tracer, and Sushi had some heavy hitters voting for them.

Overall, C.o.R.E. had excellent participation and was incredibly exciting. Token Reactor pools ready for deposits by next week, with active liquidity deployment following soon.

C.o.R.E.2. is also slated for early November, so stay tuned for updates.

A C.o.R.E.2. reminder: If you keep your TOKE, Sushi LP, or Uni LP staked as they are in the current pools, when C.o.R.E.2. begins you will receive a bonus voting purse equivalent to the purse you had at the end of the first C.o.R.E.

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