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🎬 #ShowMeEASYF_02 What is Proof of Feedback?


🎬 #ShowMeEASYF_02 What is Proof of Feedback?

💡Proof of Feedback is the consensus test model established by EasyFeedback to govern the distribution of the EASYF token.

EasyFeedback is an ecosystem that will integrate:

1️⃣ Feedback writers: Users who generate feedback and wish to be rewarded for it. These users can send suggestions, queries, congratulations, complaints or claims centrally and simply to any company in the world. EasyFeedback guarantees to send it and that it cannot be manipulated. Their work will be rewarded with EasyFeedback token by Validators/ Oracles. All members of the platform will be identified (Accreditation System) so that they can receive rewards with our token in their own EasyFeedback wallet.

2️⃣ Companies: companies committed to maintaining fluid communication with their customers and therefore giving it authentic strategic value so as to achieve excellence will also be part of the ecosystem. Companies already paying their EasyFeedback Plan PRO subscription will make up the platform.Companies that are already EasyFeedback customers will have a company validation node on the platform which will allow them to verify, grade and reward customer feedback. These rewards can be used to purchase products and services that these companies have incorporated into the EasyFeedback Marketplace (Loyalty System).

3️⃣ Validators/Oracles: Blockchain technology will enable us to make objective evaluations about the quality and reliability of feedback. To achieve this, we will use manual validation Oracles: Internal Oracle, Company Oracle and Lawyer Oracle. Validator Oracles will communicate with the regulator node, which is the one that inserts us into the blockchain.


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Bridging the Feedback industry to crypto, creating the novel “Proof of Feedback”

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