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🎬 #ShowMeEASYF_03 What is deflation in the EasyFeedback token?

What is deflation in the EasyFeedback Token

🎬 #ShowMeEASYF_03 What is deflation in the EasyFeedback token?

Deflation in EasyFeedback token “EASYF” is explained by the following characteristics:

1️⃣ “EASYF” Limited Money Supply This is how the money supply of EasyFeedback tokens is limited. The amount of “EASYF” that can be distributed is finite. The maximum “EASYF” offer is known and the “EASYF” offer in circulation as well.

2️⃣ “EASYF” issuance process The Proof of Feedback (POF), limits the amount of “EASYF” that are distributed being a finite and tight release system. Each time feedback is sent and a token is received through the Proof of Feedback (PoF), less amount of “EASYF” will remain available to reach the market.

3️⃣ Adoption of the Proof of Feedback (PoF) Users who receive the “EASYF”s do not have any “urgent” incentive to dispose of the tokens they have received. They can accumulate the “EASYF”. The owners of “EASYF” can make decisions that affect the governance of the project. All these tokens in circulation will be stored in buyers’ wallets but they could not be available in the market.

4️⃣ Acquisition of EasyFeedback token Feedback is a hidden treasure/knowledge that thanks to the Proof of Feedback (PoF) will be recognized. Our business model is based on the intrinsic value of this original, useful and transformative feedback that improves the world.

ℹ️ For more information: https://easyfeedbacktoken.io/en/what-is-deflation-in-the-easyfeedback-token/

Fill in our Whitelist form to purchase: https://easyfeedbacktoken.io/en/whitelist_en/

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Bridging the Feedback industry to crypto, creating the novel “Proof of Feedback”

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