Co-Laborations, The Great Discord Migration & Params, Params, Params

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As per usual, this biweekly slice of the TE Commons pie is a dense cross-section revealing layers of structure and wonder as the community builds and coalesces towards our upcoming Hatch!

Grab some ice cream or a coffee, come learn more about how we layer this confection with cultural pillars & technical innovations and stuff it full of community selected parameters, parameters, parameters… 👇

📜 Disputable Voting Parameters
🐣 How We Will Choose the Hatch Parameters
🤖 Gitcoin cadCAD Model Research Co-Labs
🐦 The Great Discord Migration
📣 TEC Looking for Writers & Content Producers
🎮 The Commons Simulator Game is LIVE
🦄 Community Stewards Working Group

📜 Disputable Voting Parameters

In this follow-up piece, first time TEC Forum contributor divine_comedian provides an update on using Celeste for Disputable Conviction Voting in the TEC Commons evolution.

This new Disputable Voting implementation includes some new, improved voting mechanisms including vote delegation, protection against last-minute vote result flipping, and a framework for disputing proposals. Some key, underlying concepts:

-Wait for Quiet

The TEC Hatch DAO will use Dandelion Voting initially. Upon Commons upgrade, however, new Disputable Voting mechanisms will be utilized. Curiosity piqued?

Check it out on the TEC Forum
Disputable Voting Parameters General Discussion

And the initial Jan ’21 Forum proposal
Using Celeste for Disputable Conviction Voting at Launch

🐣 How We Will Choose the Hatch Parameters

Parameter dashboard by ygg_anderson

|“So we have come to it” …begins the TEC’s own @freedumbs in this amazing TEC Forum piece.

The “it” in this case is a unanimous TEC Forum vote on how the TEC community will select our Hatch Parameters. Wait, what!? The community gets to provide technical input into how the project is launched!? That can’t be possible…

Technical parameters intertwined with the cultural build is how we roll and what sets the TEC apart. To learn more about how the TEC is using cadCAD simulations, Python data visualizations, and TokenLog to choose our hatch parameters 👇

TEC Test Hatch DAO: Full Implementation Specification

🤖 Gitcoin cadCAD Model Research Co-Labs

Mitigating attack vectors in Quadratic Funding

Collaborative research continues full steam ahead with the TEC Co-Lab: Modeling Gitcoin sessions featuring data scientists from Token Engineering, Gitcoin, Block Science, and cadCAD. The group is exploring how to mitigate attack vectors in quadratic funding, looking at modeling for more resilient systems design.

This week is action packed with three sessions:

Token Engineering Academy Research Group (3/2 — 9 PST / 18 CET)
Gitcoin cadCAD Model Live Coding Session
(3/4 — 9 PST / 18 CET)
Academic Session & AMA
(3/4–1230 PST / 2130 CET)

While the first session has passed, you can still catch the other two sessions on the TE Discord Simulations Voice Channel:

🐳 The Great Discord Migration

As hoped for and expected, the TEC community has grown steadily as the upcoming Hatch focuses our attention and activities ramp on all levels. In preparation for the Hatch and in an effort to further distinguish the TE Commons ecosystem, the TEC is migrating to a new Discord server 👇

New Token Engineering Commons Discord

The TEC community discord was initially launched and supported on the Token Engineering Discord server. The TEC is forever grateful for all of their inspiration, guidance and support. While sad to go, it is not very far (and the old TEC server is bridged to the new). Our success is your success.

For all things Token Engineering, including the Token Engineering Academy, continue to visit the Token Engineering Discord server and the Token Engineering website

🎮 The Commons Simulator Game is LIVE

Are you into next-gen political economies, continuous funding, public goods, incentive alignment, and Ostrom’s principles?

Or perhaps solar punk ideals, dystopian futures, cyber-physical commons, and computer-aided governance are more your bag?

Or maybe you’re just a gamer that would like to topple the likes of Griff Green and friends in building a brighter future for all?

Go no further. In The Commons Simulator Game is LIVE, Jeff Emmett of the Commons Stack introduces the CSG, pontificates on all of the above topics and more, and provides delicate linkages that will help us to build better tools for a future of computer-aided governance.

See if You Can Save the Future with cadCAD, RadicalxChange & The Commons Stack 👇

Medium: Commons Simulator Game is LIVE

Commons Simulator:

📣 TEC Looking for Writers & Content Producers

HELP WANTED: Calling all you creative and technical souls out there!

As our community grows, collaborations expand, and new projects spring forth, so do our outreach needs. If you are a writer, an animator, a musician, an NFT artist, a graphic designer, or otherwise, come help us spread the TEC love and engage with our Communications Working Group.

We are continuously interested in expanding the variety of our content pieces and exploring the diversity of creator skill sets. Jump into this TEC Forum post and see if your skills and ideas can contribute with articles, forum posts, newsletter content, video production, etc.

Please let us know if you’d like to contribute, get praised and earn impact hours!

🦄 TEC Community Steward Working Group

From our official cultural build launch back in September ’20 to now, the TE Commons has grown from three working groups to ten. You heard it… ten active, engaged working groups spanning Transparency to Hatcher Onboarding to Legal to everything in between. And no, the “autonomous” that gets so freely tossed around in the DAO lexicon does not equate to “anonymous”. Each of these amazing working groups has one or more community stewards who shepherd the process and facilitate success.

“The main objectives of the Community Stewards WG are to provide visibility across all of the separate work streams such that all Stewards walk forward together in lockstep to reach our high level TEC goals.”

To find out more about the Community Steward Working Group, maybe even some more about the working groups themselves, check out this TEC forum thread, chock full of layered resources👇

Discussions happen on Discord #stewards channel

Community Stewards recordings available on the TEC Youtube

And now…

💎 The Praise is in! Impact Hour Leaderboard

For participation, TE Commons contributors are acknowledged via a praise bot developed by the Commons Stack and then that Praise is quantified and converted into Impact Hours. Through Telegram and Discord bots and bridges, community members dish Praise to each other to recognize work.

Impact Hours will be converted into TECH tokens at launch. The exact value of Impact Hours will depend on the parameters chosen by the community and how much is collected in the Hatch 🐣, but the intention is that each hour will be worth somewhere between $10-$200.

Congratulations on the hard work everyone and thank you for your contributions to the Token Engineering Commons! 🥳 Here is the full list of Impact Hours awarded for work from February 13 — February 27:

Round 12 Impact Hours

Every contribution counts, and the Token Engineering Commons is incredibly grateful for its 254 active contributors that have earned Praise so far. 🙏 Below is a partial list of total Impact Hours to date, the full list and the math behind its calculation can be found in this spreadsheet:

Overall Impact Hours

To see a cool chart view of the Impact Hours, check out this visualization from our Community Steward @Santigs67

🌱 Join the Community 🌱

We warmly welcome you to join and share:

👋 Pop by our Discord or Telegram channels, introduce yourself and share what you are working on

☎ Say hi on our weekly community calls at 2pm EST / 8pm CET on our general voice channel on Discord — add it to your calendar

🤗 New to TEC? We have an AMA dedicated to answering community questions each Wed. at 10am EST / 4pm CET on our general voice channel on Discord — add it to your calendar

💸 Submit a proposal for funding for your TE project

📑 Read more about our working groups and join one

📣 Follow us on Twitter & Medium to stay up to date on the upcoming hatch

Token Engineering Commons members are also eligible to receive CSTK tokens from the Commons Stack for their Praise. To receive the tokens, members must apply to join the Trusted Seed. For any questions, reach out to @Liviade @GriffGreen @JessicaZartler on our Discord or Telegram.

This article was written by Craig Anderson and Jessica Zartler with edits by Griff Green.




The Token Engineering Commons (TEC) is building a world with safe digital socio-economic public infrastructures that are diversely designed and aligned with collective needs.

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