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Latest News & Praise Leader Board: May 22 — June 4

June is already here, and the momentum is picking up as we get ready to hatch at the end of the month. We have a lot going on, and we need your help! But first let’s look at the 6 topics for this sprint’s latest news and Praise quant:

  • 📊 Final Results of the Params Configuration Run-off Vote 🗳️
  • 🐣 JoeZ’s Visual Explainers 🖍️
  • 🚑 How to Save Your Unclaimed Impact Hours ⛑️
  • 🌈 Polycentric Governance Conference 📜
  • 🔨 Ways to Contribute: Stewards’ Wishlist 🎄
  • 🙌 Impact Hour Leaderboard — The Praise is in! 🍭

📊 Results of Params Configuration Run-off Vote 🗳️

The final votes arrived at the last minute last Tuesday to set the dashboard configuration for the Hatch parameters! You voted among four run-off proposals. You read Mitch’s comparative analysis, and you joined debate parties. And NOW! 🥁 Announcing the official Hatch parameters… 👑 AND THE WINNER IS:

Image credit: Suga

What does this mean exactly? It means that the following configuration defines the parameters of the Hatch and subsequent DAO strategies:

Check out all of the in’s and out’s of the configuration of the winning proposal on Github. We are excited to implement these parameters and watch the TEC take off. Thank you for voting and being part of the groundbreaking bottom-up economy that is the TEC!

🐣 JoeZ’s Visual Explainers 🖍️

We are delighted to share JoeZ’s visual explainers of the Hatch and the Commons Upgrade. Use these diagrams to guide you through understanding the processes of the Hatch and the Commons Upgrade: who submits proposals, has voting power, holds tokens, and so forth! We have just completed the second step, voting for the final Hatch Parameters, in Phase 1. Next step, we hatch!

Image credit: Joe Zandstra
Image credit: Joe Zandstra

🚑 How to Save Your Unclaimed Impact Hours ⛑️

Image credit: Zeptimus

✋ Any unclaimed Impact Hours will disappear forever on the first day of the Hatch.

Listen up! You probably have Impact Hours! And if you do, there is something you need to do ASAP in order to claim them.

If you have ever received Praise in the TEC, then you have Impact Hours. Impact Hours accumulate through the acknowledged participation of contributors in the TEC via our Praise system.

Impact Hours will be rewarded with TEC Hatch tokens during the Hatch, which is only a few weeks away. In order to claim those tokens, you must have activated your Trusted Seed membership before the first day of the Hatch. Activate your Trusted Seed membership now.

The TEC Hatch is only open to activated Trusted Seed members. Immediately before we hatch, activated Trusted Seed members will be registered to receive their Impact Hours. At that time, any Impact Hours not associated with an activated Trusted Seed member will be lost forever!

There is a scholarship available for the Trusted Seed membership, open to anyone who may need it. Apply here.

🌈 Polycentric Governance Conference 📜

Image credit: Jess (forked by Suga)

Over the last three weeks, NEAR teamed up with Dystopia Labs to coordinate the Open Web Community Summit, which included events and workshops that featured “technologies and trends at the intersection of the creator economy and community platforms / services.” Part of the summit included a governance challenge run entirely through DAOs that awarded prizes from DAOs on NEAR to DAOs created by participants. 🏆

During the last week of the summit, TEC and Commons Stack community members Lívia Deschermayer, Jessica Zartler, Jeff Emmett and Renzo d’Andrea banded together to deliver two governance research and design workshops: on June 2, they presented their views on polycentric governance in Web3 ecosystems, from practices to tools. The following day their workshop/knowledge-share centered around cultural frameworks for DAO governance with a discussion of Ostrom’s principles. ⚖️

As decentralized governance is a cornerstone of the TEC, we invite and encourage you to partake in (and share!) any of these events! Reach out to Lívia (@liviade) if you’re interested in joining and exploring the space.

🔨 Ways to Contribute: Stewards’ Wishlist 🎄

As the TEC continues to grow, one of our goals is to bring new contributors into the community in a manner that offers them the opportunity to participate in rewarding and productive ways. To that end, we have developed a “stewards’ wishlist” for the 11 Working Groups to identify and share their needs that can then be picked up by contributors as they like. 👐

Introducing our first Stewards’ Wishlist! ✔️ For each Working Group, you are invited to contact that Steward directly or contact any entry point in the TEC such as @Suga, the orientation coordinator.

🙌 Impact Hour Leaderboard — The Praise is in! 🍭

Here are the quantified lists for this sprint’s Praise!

You have probably seen TEC contributors (including yourself!) receive Praise from others in the community through Telegram and Discord. Every two weeks, this Praise is quantified as Impact Hours, which will later be converted into TECH tokens during the Hatch. The exact value of Impact Hours will depend on how much is collected in the Hatch.

Congratulations on the hard work, everyone, and thank you for your contributions to the Token Engineering Commons! 💗

Here is the full list of Impact Hours awarded for work from May 22 — June 4:

Every contribution counts, and the Token Engineering Commons is incredibly grateful for its 400+ active contributors who have earned Praise so far. 🙏 Below is a partial list of total Impact Hours to date. The full list and the math behind its calculation can be found in this spreadsheet.

Until next time: be sure you’ve activated your Trusted Seed membership, keep dishing the Praise and join us on Discord! Check out the TEC calendar for times and channels.


This article written by Suga with edits by Tam and Griff.



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