Mid-way through the Hatch!

TEC Latest News: July 17 — July 30

Welcome to August! We have some exciting announcements including a recap on the TEC in Paris last week for three separate events: EthCC [4], the DAOist conference and the TEC Unconference. Most importantly: the Hatch is open until August 14th, so get your wxDAI and join the effort to support the first DAO to build its economy entirely through the voice of the community! Details for contributing to the Hatch are below as well as all the TEC’s latest news.

  • 🤩 Hatch Reminder 🐣
  • ✈️ Recap of the TEC in Paris: EthCC and the DAOist 🗺️
  • 📝 Notes from the Unconference in Paris 🥐
  • 🎉 Announcing a New Steward 🎈
  • 📊 Why Is There No Leaderboard in this Medium Article? 🧐

🤩 Hatch Reminder 🐣

The Hatch is open until August 14! Join us! The TEC is on its way to Phase 2 of its development, which includes the Commons Upgrade and the beginning of our goal to fund token engineering projects in research, education and outreach. Phase 1 began with the configuration of the Hatch parameters as voted on by the community, and now we need your support to meet those goals in the Hatch itself!

The TEC Hatch is only open to activated Trusted Seed members. Why? Because we want to encourage support first and foremost from contributors who are aligned with our philosophy and mission to advance token engineering in an ethical, safe and resilient way. Activate your Trusted Seed membership now. A scholarship is available for the Trusted Seed membership, open to anyone who may need it. Apply here!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to get wrapped xDAI (wxDAI), which you will need to participate in the Hatch. Follow a step-by-step tutorial in the Hatcher Handbook section of the TEC Gitbook. We also wrote about it recently in this blog post and on the forum.

✈️ Recap of the TEC in Paris: EthCC and the DAOist 🗺️

The TEC took part in EthCC [4] in Paris the week before last, with several of our members delivering talks, some sharing TEC swag and excitement about the Hatch and others volunteering behind the scenes. Griff Green and Angela Kreitenweis had back-to-back talks on the main stage, beginning with Angela’s “Token Engineering Research Groups: A Multidisciplinary Use Case for Open Science” wherein she featured her co-founded Token Engineering Academy, which was created “to bring individuals and project teams together to learn, collaborate, and put token engineering into practice.” She also highlighted the TEC in her talk, promoting its importance in helping establish token engineering as an important field of research to advance it worldwide, responsibly and safely. Griff delivered a passionate talk “Our Collective Psychosis around Public Goods” that provided a much-needed and practical solution to the problem of the inadequacy of governments to fund public goods in a productive manner: namely, token economies!

On the heels of EthCC was the one-day DAOist conference Tales from the Frontlines of Decentralized Governance, where the TEC continued to offer presentations and volunteers. We had tons of great ideas to share! Check out a few:

  • Lívia and Tamara gave the talk “The Importance of Cultural Practices When Building Self Governing Communities,” which explained why the cultural build is at the heart of nurturing commons and drives all of the decision-making processes and internal systems design at the TEC.
  • Lanski made a “Dappnode DAO Announcement” wherein he shared the launch of Dappnode! “DAppNode is Open Source Decentralized Infrastructure for the new internet. It allows everyone, regardless of their technical level, to participate directly in crypto-networks without 3rd parties, protecting their privacy and strengthening the system at the same time.” Let us celebrate! 🎉
  • Griff presented on Giveth and the Giveconomy, which is a directory for non-profits that connects nonprofits to donors. Giveth’s mission is “to connect people, ideas, and resources to facilitate and incentivize social impact. We are not content with the current non-profit industry, and we are committed to developing a better, decentralized alternative.”
  • Loie Lorelei presented “Decentralized HR” on how DAOs can function successfully without old hierarchical models.

It was a DAO-packed day full of talks, workshops, swag bags and all the food choices anyone could ask for under one roof, held at Ground Control in central Paris, an independent, cultural locale dedicated to creating an amiable environment conducive to the promotion of free and imaginative thought. In the shell of an old airplane for workshops and other unconventional, reclaimed spaces, folks learned about topics including accelerating the giving economy, using SourceCred to measure and reward value creation, and the funding of the sciences through DAOs.

📝 Notes from the Unconference in Paris 🥐

Image credit: Funyverse

The week in Paris concluded with the TEC Unconference, which was an all-day exploration on Saturday into the future of the TEC. The setup included an agenda-setting period, where members got to select their own Unconference topics to explore, and concluded with a conversation centered around where the TEC will be going into the future. Some of the topics explored during the Unconference included:

Diversity and Inclusion — The group explored how to increase diversity and foster inclusion within the TEC and the crypto community more broadly.

DAO Tooling — The session evaluated the landscape of DAO tooling and highlighted specific needs that do not yet exist, including knowledge management systems and data aggregation tools.

Money Talk — The group pondered the recent interest of venture capital in the TEC, their desire for providing impact funding and how they fit within our current funding structure — and through which pathways they are able to participate on such short notice.

Rock, Paper, Scissors — A fun tournament of “rock, paper, scissors” got TEC members to engage their anticipation skills to help find out what’s next!

Funding Working Groups — The TEC members in this group explored all the possible ways we could fund the Working Groups once the TEC Commons Upgrade takes place.

Token Holder Relations — In this session, members proposed new ways to keep token holders engaged, and whether or not there should be a dedicated Working Group with keeping token holders up-to-date on all current pursuits within the TEC.

The Year Is 2100 — In this fun session, we asked members to project themselves into the future and explore what the year 2100 is like for humanity on Earth. Is it utopian or dystopian or something else?

In Depth Look at Bonding Curves — In this session, Griff went all-in on teaching the community the intricacies of bonding curves, what possibilities they hold, and how the augmented bonding curve in the TEC may look post launch.

What Is Legitimacy — In this session we explored issues of legitimacy and what it means to have legitimacy within the field of token engineering.

Setting Expectations — We explored how we set expectations for our working members and how we can make sure there is clarity around the work that is being done.

How Do We Bring Value to Token Engineers? — In this session, we explored the many ways the TEC could provide a utility to token engineers and how to incentivize more TE’s to participate within the TEC.

Is Cultural Work Token Engineering? — In this session, we asked a simple question: Should cultural workers be considered token engineers? The answers may surprise you! At the TEC we believe deeply in the cultural build and recognize the significant value that multidisciplinarity brings to unite and advance token engineering around ethical principles, standards, tools and methodologies that are built through the cultural work.

🎉 Announcing a New Steward 🎈

Dear Reader, the present author is delighted to report that they were unexpectedly awarded the title of TEC Steward while in Paris for EthCC [4]! Suga joined the TEC at the end of March and has been contributing as a writer and orientation/onboarding coordinator since that time. It is not an exaggeration to say that being part of the TEC is life-changing, for the TEC is part of a radical paradigm shift away from hierarchical models of engagement across fields and toward decentralization and community-inclusive decision-making and economy-building. The TEC is establishing itself as a nexus for the token engineering community at large with the aim of advancing token engineering as a serious field of study, and the present author’s gratitude at being invited to partake in that movement is both humbled and profound. Please join Suga and the TEC at any orientation/AMA/onboarding session on Wednesdays at 6pm CET in the Community Hall channel on Discord to learn more and get involved or reach out to Suga directly on Discord (Suga), Telegram (@Sugasug) or through this article.

📊 Why Is There No Leaderboard in this Medium Article? 🧐

Our previous Medium articles always featured and concluded with our Praise quantification leaderboard. Now that we have opened the Hatch, Praise quantification has wrapped up for now. Once the Hatch closes in 10 days and we move towards the Commons Upgrade, we envision new proposals being submitted to the DAO when the time comes that will reimagine how to implement a new Praise quantifying system, which will be voted on by the community. Until then, we are still dishing the Praise as always and as much as possible! We want to continue to acknowledge that we value and respect the contributions of the community, and we look forward to being able to reward those contributions in whatever way the vote of the community foresees when that period arrives. For now, we want to help you visualize the process as it unfolds by re-sharing an explainer in images of those two phases from the TEC Hatch to its future Commons Upgrade!

Until next time: get your wxDAI for the Hatch, keep dishing the Praise, and join us on Discord! The TEC calendar gives all times and channels.


This article was written by Suga with contributions by Nate and Anna-Marie.



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