The Hatch Was Successful!

TEC Latest News: July 31 — August 12

We are so excited to announce the Hatch was successful! We met and surpassed the min goal of 800,000 wxDAI to reach a total of 1,571,223.57 wxDAI — nearly double the minimum! The TEC is officially a DAO and on its way to the Commons Upgrade, all thanks to you and the support of the community! Read on below!

  • 🤩 The Hatch Closes, and the TEC Becomes a DAO! 🐣
  • 🎊 NFT’s for Hatchers! 🎁
  • 🏫 Upcoming Graviton Training in September 🧘🏾‍♀️
  • 🎥 Unconference Wrap-Up Video 📹
  • 🍾 Last Hatch Outreach Meeting and Hatcher Party! 🥂

🤩 The Hatch Closes, and the TEC Becomes a DAO! 🐣

With the Hatch closing on August 14th at 1,571,223.57 wxDAI the TEC is now on its way to Phase 2 of development: the Commons Upgrade! That is when we look forward to opening the door to accepting projects to fund token engineering in research, education and outreach.

🎊 NFT’s for Hatchers! 🎁

Image credit: funyverse

The top 10 Hatch participants already received the above exclusive Hatch NFT by funyverse, and all participants will also receive a special for-Hatchers-only NFT. If you participated in the Hatch, visit the Hatch POAP to claim yours!

As a Hatcher, you were also airdropped SWAGTEC, which you can use to claim your Hatch t-shirt from the TEC Swag shop!

🏫 Upcoming Graviton Training in September 🧘🏾‍♀️

The Gravity Working Group is planning its second Graviton training, which starts September 21st. It’s open to all, and you can sign up here. While the course is being prepared, you can check out the agenda for the First Gravitron Training. With a focus on non-violent communication and understanding conflict and developing techniques to manage it, the purpose of the Graviton training is to promote trust in the shared values and boundaries of the TEC.

🎥 Unconference Wrap-Up Video 📹

The TEC hosted an Unconference in Paris a few weeks ago, where we explored the future of the TEC from countless angles with topics including diversity and inclusion, DAO tooling, money talk, funding Working Groups, token holder relations, TEC in the year 2100, bonding curves, the concept of legitimacy, setting expectations, bringing value to token engineers, and how cultural work belongs in token engineering. These are just some of the ideas we are talking about and working on as we move into this new stage of the TEC! To learn more about the Unconference, check out the agenda. We also made a short TEC Unconference aftermovie to share with you!

🍾 Last Hatch Outreach Meeting and Hatcher Party! 🥂

Image credit: Eduardo

We are enormously grateful to the Hatch Outreach Working Group and all they did to encourage participation in the Hatch and find all our Hatchers! With Hatch Outreach now completing its mission, we are hosting a party! Please join us on Wednesday, Aug. 18th at 6pm CET for the very last Hatch Outreach call and a celebration of a successful Hatch.

Until next time: please join the Hatcher party, keep dishing the Praise, and find us on Discord! The TEC calendar gives all times and channels.


This article was written by Suga with contributions by Tamara.



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