Momentum Builds: Gravitons, Hatch DAOs, Indigenomics & Dandelions

Craig Anderson
Token Engineering Commons
5 min readJan 19, 2021


Test Hatch DAO: Dandelion Voting Using Aragon Voting tech

The TEC community has been busy the first two weeks of 2021. With our first full sprint of the new year complete, we have plenty of delicious updates to share as we continue building towards the anticipated hatch in March. Our last post highlighted several important votes in progress, our upcoming Gravity Training open for participants, and other works-in-progress.

👇 Check out our progress, find your deep dive, and actively contribute as hatch momentum strengthens. Come help us build a world with safe digital economies that protect and support public goods by accelerating Token Engineering.

👩‍🚀 Gravity Training Starts Jan. 21

The Gravity Working Group is a collective that aims to bring people together and promote resilience in decentralized organizations by training its members in non-violent communication, understanding and analyzing conflict and techniques to manage it. To do this, Gravity needs Gravitons!

📜 Receive POAP certificates
👩‍🚀 Contribute to the Gravity Working Group

The sessions will take place starting January 21 through March 11 on Thursdays at 9pm CET (right after the weekly TEC community calls).

Register now to reserve your spot

TEC Discord Gravity Voice Channel

Guest Blog

We are thrilled to introduce our first contributor article by the TEC’s very own ygg_anderson of Longtail Financial and Spirit Foundation. Spirit Foundation is an opportunity for the token engineering world to learn about indigenous economies, cultures, and governance implementations. Step inside to learn more about the collateral crises in indigenous economies and Indigenomics:

Token Engineering in Our Heritage: What we can learn from ancient and modern indigenous cultures

Token Engineering Academy presentation on the stock and flow diagram for Spirit coin, Spirit Swap, and the indigenous Collateral Pool.

⚖️ Legal Strategy Vote — UPDATE

The vote passed (Jan. 10 CET) to accept the recommendation of the legal working group. We have settled on an innovative middle way approach that protects the individual members while giving the TE Commons the freedom to evolve— using the Commons Stack’s Swiss Association.

Under this proposal, everyone contributing to the TEC HatchDAO will apply to become a member of the Trusted Seed and pay dues to become a member of the Commons Stack’s not-for-profit Swiss Association, receiving legal protection and the opportunity to participate in future Common’s hatches. For more details, read the Commons Stack Association’s Statutes 1 and Terms & Conditions for joining.

Review the full proposal here

🗳 Praise Proposal Vote — UPDATE

The vote passed (Jan. 10 CET) to update our current Praise (Impact Hours) quantification system. Previously, community praise quantifiers were not receiving appropriate rewards. Now, praise quantifying volunteers can be rewarded fairly for their value added to the ecosystem. Check out the proposal and vote details in this forum post and poll.

For the low-down on the Praise contribution rewards system, check out our inside look here.

🌼 Dandelion Vote — UPDATE

The most recent community vote for TESTTEC token holders allowed developers to press forward with some debugging and officially launch the TEC Test Hatch DAO. After additional debugging during this Hatch DAO test phase, we will be able to safely and successfully upgrade to a Test Commons.

Read all about the proposal and vote on the TEC Forum: Upgrade Impact Hours App — 🌼 Dandelion

🎫Vote on some Dandelion upgrades: TEC Test Dandelion Voting App
🔃 Exchange TESTTEC Tokens via a Bonding Curve:
❎ Vote with Conviction Voting:
📲 Contact us in Discord if you have any questions or would like to participate

Aragon Voting

And now…

💎 The Praise is in! Impact Hour Leaderboard

For participation, TE Commons contributors are acknowledged via a praise bot developed by the Commons Stack and then that Praise is quantified and converted into Impact Hours. Through Telegram and Discord bots and bridges, community members dish Praise to each other to recognize work.

Impact Hours will be converted into TEC tokens at launch. As voted on by the community, the intention is that each hour will be worth somewhere between $20-$200 of contributions covested into the Hatch 🐣.

Congratulations on the hard work everyone and thank you for your contributions to the Token Engineering Commons! 🥳 Here is the full list of Impact Hours awarded for work from January 2–15:

Every contribution counts, and the Token Engineering Commons is incredibly grateful for its 200+ active contributors that have earned Praise so far. 🙏 Below is a partial list of total Impact Hours to date, the full list and the math behind its calculation can be found in this spreadsheet:

To see a cool chart view of the Impact Hours, check out this visualization from our Community Steward @Santigs67

🌱 Join the Community 🌱

We warmly welcome you to join and share:

👋 Pop by our Discord or Telegram channels, introduce yourself and share what you are working on

☎ Say hi on our weekly community calls at 2pm EST / 8pm CET on our general voice channel on Discord — add it to your calendar

💸 Submit a proposal for funding for your TE project

📑 Read more about our working groups and join one

📣 Follow us on Twitter & Medium to stay up to date on the upcoming hatch

Token Engineering Commons members are also eligible to receive CSTK tokens from the Commons Stack for their Praise. To receive the tokens, members must apply to join the Trusted Seed. For any questions, reach out to @knobsDAO @Liviade @JessicaZartler on our Discord or Telegram.

This article was written by Craig Anderson and Jessica Zartler with edits by Griff Green.