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Portugese and Brasilian Edition of ‘Token Economy’ on Github

Big thanks to António Chagas, Courtnay Guimaraes, Jose Rui Sousa, Joana Camilo!

Portugese translation available for free on Github

In December 2020 I decided to release the book Token Economy on Github under a non commercial creative commons licence for several reasons:

  • In some countries people had a hard time buying my book because of international sanctions or logistical challenges.
  • Some people could not afford to buy the book.
  • Furthermore, the content of the book is subject to continuous change and I wanted to open source the future iterations of the book. Maybe some people could add code contributions to the theoretical examples I thought. Maybe some people would want to translate at least parts of the book.

What happened next took me by surprise. Within one week I was contacted by enthusiasts from around the world who wanted to translate the book into their local language. Currently it is being translated into 9 different languages (see all languages here).

Portugese and Brazilian Version

An international team of Brazilian and Portuguese Crypto activities is the first to finish the translation. In addition to the Portugese translation they are currently working on an adapted Brazilian version.

I am deeply humbled by their enthusiasm for the book, and inspired by their team spirit, hands on attitude and effortless collaboration. After all, Jose Rui Sousa, António Chagas, Courtnay Guimaraes, and Joana Camilo did not know each other before. I would, therefore, like to use this opportunity to introduce the translation team:

  • António Chagas is aFinance Professional with 10+ years experience in corporate banking and specialisation in Cryptoeconomics. Holds a BA in Economics, MA in Digital Marketing, and an MBA at HULT IBS. He is a cryptoenthusiast and community manager of several crypto projects since 2016: Creator of Criptoeconomia, an educational website focused on Criptoeconomics, and Co-founder of Bitcoin Portugal, the largest crypto community in Portugal. More recently he is co-host of the youtube channel Hard Fork Café, a crypto podcast focused on tech/fundamental analysis.
  • Courtnay Guimarães is the Blockchain Chief Scientist and Principal Digital Business Advisor at Avanade Brazil. With 35 years in IT services industry, has built platforms since 1985, and worked within big players as SAP, Oracle, HP, among others and worked for several vertical markets, being specialist in financial services and digital business platforms. He was responsible for Blockchain Technologies at HP, and as a partner in Blockchain Academy Brazil has trained more than 5.000 people here, being an active researcher, advisor and entrepreneur at the market. Besides board advisor to some endeavors, he also built Fibo Network (a global incentive market based on a basket stable coin), Idea Partners (a consultancy for ICO and market maps) and Tropix, a Creative Economy management platform. Also, he manages The Hard Fork Café Brazil, the biggest collective network with 10.000 people and 260 groups of discussion, being the biggest discussion group in Brazil. He’s also an international speaker and friend of the Latin America Bitcoin Network, builder of the yearly LaBitConf congress since 2015. In his academic journey, he has a B.Sc. in Economic Sciences, from Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, Master of Business Administration from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing de São Paulo, CFM from Saint Paul School of Finance and by now, he’s a PhD Student in Computer Science, researching blockchain for CBDCs at CESAR School. He’s also lecturer at Business School São Paulo (Laureate group), founder at Cogno School, as Chief Education Office.
  • Joana Camilo has a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Minas Gerais, and a Master of Business Administration from IE Business School. She is an enthusiast and diffuser of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, with certifications in the area of ​​Blockchain from INSEAD (Blockchain Revolution) and The University of Hong Kong (Blockchain and Fintech). In the course of her professional life, she has worked in several companies and organizations in the area of ​​Marketing, Innovation and Technology, and she’s currently working with Design Research for new decentralized economic models in the path of sustainable and fair transition in Brazilian mining territories.
  • Last but not least José Rui Sousa is also a crypto enthusiast who studied Business Administration at Universidade Católica Portuguesa and participated in numerous crypto programs such the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies at University of California, Berkeley College, Blockchain Training Alliance (Certified Blockchain Solution Architect), Blockchain Training Alliance (Certified Blockchain Business Foundations), INSEAD (Transacting in Blockchain), INSEAD (Blockchain and Business — Applications and Implications), INSEAD (Blockchain Opportunity Analysis), Ivan On Tech Academy (Ethereum 101), Ivan On Tech Academy (Blockchain & Bitcoin 101), Ivan On Tech Academy (Javascript Programming for Blockchain Developers), Ivan On Tech Academy (Blockchain Business Masterclass), Ivan On Tech Academy (Technical Analysis 101), Ivan On Tech Academy (Algorithmic Trading & Technical Analysis), The Linux Foundation (Blockchain for Business — An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies). In the course of his professional life he has worked in a full-service advertising agency, and was managing partner for the last 20 years of a fashion retail & distribution company.

 by the author.




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